Moving from LMP2 to the new GTE Porsche in Season 11, the VLMS team is ready for a new challenge.

Moving from LMP2 to the new GTE Porsche in Season 11, the VLMS team is ready for the new challenge.

Jon Uyan

When Viper Racing was released in 1998 by Sierra Entertainment I got into playing racing games for good. Because that game had a simulation aspect to it, bringing a different quality to racing on the PC. With the release of Sports Car GT by ISI in 1999 I really got hooked on sim racing. Any sim racing game you can think of since then I own it, except GPL, my PC just not powerful enough to run it at the time. Being a mechanic and especially suspension-steering-alignment specialist made it easier for me to dive into setups and the technical aspects of sim racing and have been enjoying setting up all kinds of cars in various disciplines.

I have been racing online only since 2012. I had a good record at Race2Play league in first 3 years: 11 driver championships, 39 team championships, 46 wins, and 20 track records (until the league closed last year). Later on at Champion Motorsports, I won 8 driver titles in various chapters and 1 driver title at SimHQ Motorsports. But one of the best of all probably was winning the 24H Nordschleife race in touring class at P1 Gaming in 2016.

I have been managing sim racing teams since 2012 and also have been racing steward at CMS the last 2 years. I really enjoy this hobby greatly and appreciate all the wonderful friends I have met, became teammates with or raced against over the years. There is no stopping for me yet.

Home: USA.  Native: Turkey.

Greg Hall

I first came into simulations by stumbling upon F1 Challenge 99-02 in a bargain bin. After learning how mod-friendly the game was, I was hooked. Bought a steering wheel, and 15 years later, I’m still doing this. I’ve never strayed from ISI simulators, moving through rFactor and now currently run rFactor 2 only.

I’ve been racing competitively since 2010, winning many leagues at Champion Motorsports. Have been racing in SimRacing.Club’s Virtual Endurance Championship and Virtual Le Mans Series since 2016. I’m 33 years old and currently moonlight as an accountant.

Home: USA.

Brian van Beusekom

I’ve been racing for at least 10 years already. It started with Colin McRae Rally 2005, trying to beat times my father set. Later I got rFactor 1 which I liked, but I never really got into it. When I came across Assetto Corsa, I got back into sim racing. AC was the reason I got a proper wheel and joined a league.

In this league, I managed to win two championships and met some great people who I still race with. Through those people, I also found different communities, including SimHQ Motorsports.

Home: The Netherlands.

Blazej “Blazo” Myszk

Did you ever wonder how doing something like breathing or brushing teeth every morning is so important? For me, it is sim racing. I was born in glorious 1999 and have been “racing” in games since 2003 when I got a magnificent WingMan controller. Since then I’m doing sometimes less or sometimes more progress. I started from Sports Car GT by ISI, then rFactor, and now Assetto Corsa and rFactor 2.

My biggest progress was in 2013 in rFactor when I signed up for my first league and ended-up 4th overall. That’s when I understood I just can’t be without racing. Because I couldn’t afford to be a real racing driver, so I decided to try to be “the fastest” as the sim racer.

My second biggest opportunity came from Jon Uyan by attending the 2017 24h Nordschleife organized by P1-Gaming. I drove in Horizon Motorsports #65 where we placed 7th. Now, I’m in the SimHQ Motorsports team in 24h series and in the Simhq Motorsports Red team in P1-Gaming’s Super Trofeo Cup. I know that there is still a very long path that I must follow to be “the fastest”, but the thing is to never give up!

Nic da Silva

I started my path to Endurance racing with Gran Turismo 4-6 and F1 2006-2014 on the PlayStation. In 2015 I moved to PC and began partaking in what would become an addiction, league sim racing. I started out on F1 2016 and F1 2017 before making to plunge across to endurance racing. I discovered endurance racing through the YouTube videos of SimRacing.Club and Jimmy Broadbent. Through my league racing I met Steven Hill who guided me to SimHQ Motorsports. I completed my licencing in SRCA and a week later I partook in my first endurance race, P1Gaming’s Bathurst 12 hour and managed 4th on debut. Le Mans was a week later with another 4th placing and I was hooked. I increased my racing schedule going into the back half of 2018 and am currently racing in Octane Online Racing’s Teir 1 F1 2018 league, VEC and VLMS at SimRacing.Club and CMS NARS.

Home: Australia.