– Third race of the season is taking place in Canada’s home of motorsports, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, also known as Mosport Park. After issues at the scheduled start of the race, it has been postponed by one month, resulting in an extension of the season by the same amount of time.

Race length was 4 hours and because of that SimHQ Motorsports staff decided to go for two main drivers and one reserve driver. This time it was Brian and Nic’s turn to drive the #199. Unfortunately, one week before the race Nic tore a muscle in his left leg, but said it was only a “superficial tear” that would keep him trackside for one race. Because of this situation, his role was taken by Błażej, and Jon took the reserve driver role.

Team Managers: Greg Hall, Jon Uyan
Pit Wall: Greg Hall, Jon Uyan
Drivers In This Race: Blazej Myzsk, Jon Uyan, Brian van Beusekom
Race Report: Blazej Myzsk & Jon Uyan


Błażej was feeling great on this track. Main race setup provided by Greg with big support from Jon and other drivers as well. As said, Błażej was feeling great, the qualifying setup was simply something extra. Evening before the race he managed to set fastest time on the server in GTE class.

When qualifying began, Błażej had trouble with getting one clear lap to post his fast time. Traffic on this narrow track forced him few times to slow down and back to the pits for another fresh set of tires. Best he could do then was enough for P6 which was a good spot for a further fight.


Green flag dropped for everyone when they exit turn 10. Blazej didn’t want to get any penalties for accelerating too soon, as it was mentioned at the briefing just before the race. That made him a little worried and resulted with later accelerating than the car in front.

After T1 he was about one second behind P5 and P7 was at his rear bumper waiting for opportunity to pass #199.

Just before ending lap 3, car #163 attacked at T8 from the outside and didn’t leave enough space for the SHQM car resulting in small contact. Blazej got little damage on left front suspension and aerodynamics that were compromising top speed by few kph. Unfortunately, that was enough damage to not being capable of overtaking most other cars on straights.

Later on Blazej got stuck behind the #188 car until #199 went for first pit stop at lap 49. After leaving from pit lane, he did what he was supposed to do, almost.

Car 199 at VLMS MoSport

At lap 84 between T4 and T5, as Blazej was just behind another GTE the LMP separating them when going into T5 and T6. GTE that was in front went so wide that it scared the Prototype driver that he responded with excessive braking that Blazej didn’t expect at all. The result was a not-so-gentle rear end contact with the Prototype. The Porsche was still handling great, which Blazej couldn’t tell he had damage. After that he focused to his limits and drove the best until he gave the car to Jon at lap 96.

Jon was standing by in case something happened and it did happen. Brian was going to be late so he had to jump in the car and do at least one stint. Much of the 1-hour drive went by okay for Jon, no contacts no issues, until 5 laps from the pit stop!

Car 199 at vlms mosport

There was some shuffling among front runners but Jon had a constant P6 position up until that time. On lap 137 Jon gave track position to the GTE class leading Corvette and started follow him closely as he was not opening a gap due to lap traffic. Two laps later going into T5 leader was behind a BMW while Jon also started to close in as the two cars ahead were slowing down for the first apex. What Jon couldn’t see the BMW was slower than normal and the leader was on his brakes earlier also.

Because the BMW was hidden on the other side (in front of) the Corvette and out of Jon’s sight, the abrupt braking of the leader caught him by surprise and he was on his brakes with too much pressure. The rear end started to come around while wheels were about to lock up. The car’s nose was turning slightly left and towards the class leader. He then had to let it ease to be able to steer the car away from contact but snap oversteer made the nose turn sharp right and he had to hit the dirt embankment on the apex of the corner.

Car 199 at vlms mosport

Damage from that incident was too much and the toe link was damaged. Still, it was worth it for not taking the class leader (and a friendly team) out of contention.

At this point Brian was informed what had happened and he was getting ready to join the server. Unfortunately between nursing the car to pits then waiting for Brian to join and get in the car (had to wait at pit lane) and a lengthy repairs to body and suspension #199 lost an additional 170 seconds.

Brian came out of pits in P9 and while he was adjusting to the conditions on track he lost two more positions and dropped to P11. But he recovered quickly and got back into race pace. Again staying on a constant pace paid off at the end of the race when two cars dropped back due to an incident and the third one went wide at T2 when Brian started to pressure him.

P11 to P8 in the closing stages made us just happy enough to forget the lap 140 incident that probably cost us a possible P4 or P5 finishing position.

Car 199 at vlms mosport

A big thank you to P1-Media for their support, along with Champion Motorsports and The Crew Chief. We at SimHQ Motorsports are proud to have these great sponsors along with us throughout the season.


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