– Tobias, Cosimo, and Don are back for another season of multi-class endurance racing. The team has been busy during off-season testing the new LMP2 Oreca 07, and working hard to develop a competitive setup. After a few months of testing, we will finally see how we compare with our VEC Division 3 rivals. The Season kicks-off at Indianapolis, in a 1000 mile (384 laps) race on the 2007 F1 road circuit.


Tobias qualified 9th position on the grid.


The weather forecast on race day called for isolated thunderstorms in the region, with increasing probability toward end of race. So teams would have to keep an eye on the radar, and factor that in their pit decisions.

We decided on a tire strategy to double stints on softs. Indianapolis is very challenging for multi-class racing, so we also decided on alternating drivers more frequently to avoid risk of driver fatigue. Our driver rotation started with Tobias, then Cosimo, then Don… then repeating the cycle.

Starting 9th on the grid, we maintained a steady pace and stayed patient in traffic. Through the first few pit stops, the LMP2 class started to spread out, as the varying strategies started to take effect. Through the first half of the race, #203 Flag-to-Flag and #207 Onemove were stretching out a significant lead. At halfway point in the race, we were in 5th place, 4 seconds behind #210 Idos, and 35 seconds ahead of #211 PTSims.

Early in the race.

We did well to avoid trouble and we settled into our pace, and maintained our strategy in hopes of edging ahead with shorter pit stops.

Through the second half of the race, #210 Idos dropped off the pace. That left us with #211 PTSims as our closest rival, and we battled for 4th place through the duration of the race, never more than a few seconds apart.

Around Indy's wire fences.

In the final hour, #225 Gaming Events was running in 3rd place, but would drift onto the grass and lose control of the car between T5 and T6, hitting the wall. They were forced to the pits for repairs and would drop back a few laps leaving a podium position within our reach.

After final stops were completed, we were clear of #211 PTSims by approximately 20 seconds and were able to sneak away with the podium spot. A great start to the season.


3rd place!

Post-Race Comments

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Car #220 chart from S11 VEC Indy.


After the first race of the season, SimHQ Motorsports #220 is 3rd in the Division 3 standings.

Past the famous Indy tower.


VEC Division 3