By Don Baumbach

– Consolidation of a variety of useful suggestions for optimizing rFactor2. Thought it would good to ensure we are all aligned.

Network Settings & Potential Driver Swap Problem

To be honest, I was confused initially by this post. There were some other contributions that helped explain (if you’re curious, start here).

Anyway, we ended up agreeing to all use the following settings… 520kps UP & 520kps DOWN.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT to mitigate the risk of the problem during driver swap. The primary concern was that any differences between drivers may impact file transfer during driver swap. Regardless if one driver has a faster capability, the game would not be able to download faster than the driver trying to upload the files for transfer.

An incomplete transfer of these files during driver swap will effectively end the race.

Never, ever hit ESC. No admin setting can change that.

If you get disconnected, only you should try to rejoin the car and not another driver. If you want to driver swap, do it AFTER you have taken control of the car for a few laps.

The phantom takeover of a car is many times due to the exiting driver not exiting and rebooting and the incoming driver rebooting just before coming onto the server.

Contact Patch Telemetry

rF2’s own tire patch (contact patch) telemetry. Use “Alt =” to turn it on. Very useful to monitor your camber settings in action and how hot tires are getting and if you are flat spotting.

An alternate way is; in the player.JSON change “TGM Display” = 1″

New Seat Adjustments

…were added with Build 1028:  You can adjust your seat pitch now with Shift + FOV Increase/Decrease buttons.


Source: Post at SimRacingClub.

Most are copied directly from the original contributor. Some settings involve your own experiences/preference, so when I strayed from the recommendation, I included my selected settings in red italic

Lowering Detail of Cars in the Garage

In the player.json file, search for “Garage Detail”. The default is 0.5, I set it to 0.01.

Lowering detail of cars on the track, while keeping the liveries clear

In the player.json file, search for “Opponent Detail” and make sure it looks like the following:
“Opponent Detail”:1,
“Opponent Texture Override”:3
This lowers the detail of the actual car model while keeping the livery at high quality.

Maximum Number of Headlights

Search for “Max headlights” in the player.json file
Change to whatever you want, I personally have it at 50, which is plenty. The default is 256.  [Don] I set mine to 15

Maximum Number of Visible Vehicles

Search for “Max Visible Vehicles” in the player.json file
“Max Visible Vehicles”:15 [Don] I set mine to 12

Rear View Mirror Render Distance

Search for “Rearview_Back_Clip” in the player.json file.
The number is the render distance in meters. [Don] I left at 0 (need to experiment with this to preference)

Avoid Stutters & CPU / GPU Overload

Set this to your screens refresh rate plus one:
Search for “Max Framerate” in the player.json file.
“Max Framerate”:61 [Don] I set mine to 61

Issues with Stuttering / Screen Freezes

In case you have issues with stuttering or freezing, search for “Use Thread” in controller.json and set it to true.  [Don] not having any issues, so leaving mine at false

Sharpen Textures

Search for “Texture Sharpening” in the player.json file.  – 0=Off, 1=+2.0(very blurry), 2=+1.0(blurry), 3=-1.0(sharp), 4=-2.0(very sharp), 5=0.0(auto) 5 = default
“Texture Sharpening”:3,

How To Get Better Frame Rates

…from an old R2P post

This is a graphic intense sim but this seems to have helped everyone that I race with. You need to do this in the order posted for it to work correctly.

While in the game, go to the Graphics/Audio tab.

Set Opponent Detail and Player Detail to LOW.

Exit the game.

Open the Your Name.PLR file.

Scroll down to [ Graphic Options ] and look for these lines.

Player Texture Override=”-1″

Opponent Texture Override=”-1″

You can change the number from 1-3 (low texture= 1, medium= 2, high= 3)

I suggest the 3 setting like so…
Player Texture Override=”3″
Opponent Texture Override=”3″

Don’t forget to take out the – sign when doing this

Basically, you get the lower detail model but with higher res skins.