SimHQ Motorsports evolved from the Motorsports section of the website. Owner Doug Atkinson sold in 2010 to concentrate on his favorite sim genre – sim racing – with the development of SimHQ Motorsports. Over the next several years, SimHQ Motorsports grew and featured multiple weekly sim racing events.

Now SimHQ Motorsports is changing just as the sim racing community has changed. We are going to focus efforts on entering and competing in major sim racing series instead of hosting events and adding yet another new racing series. We will be joining – and fully supporting – those sites which already have well-known sim racing events and series.

We currently have 17 dedicated sim racing drivers running for SimHQ Motorsports. They participate in leagues at iRacing, P-1 Gaming (P1 Media), Sim Racing Club (SRC Academy, VLMS, VEC), Champion Motorsports sprint and endurance racing series, FSR Formula Sim Racing series, and two Assetto Corsa series.

As is characteristic of a big team, we have diverse and ambitious drivers who will be competing strongly in Assetto Corsa and iRacing events and series as well as rFactor 2.

rFactor 2 is evolving thanks to the development work at Studio 397. We will continue to support their efforts and are confident rFactor 2 will achieve better recognition once their hard work comes to fruition.

For the time being, those three sim racing titles are where we will focus our efforts. We realize there are other popular sim racing titles, and at some point, we may expand. But not now.

Regarding forums and race communications, all but a very few sim racing forums have become stagnant or have closed. The most healthy are those sites who use their forums to support and communicate their own race series. Otherwise, sim racing forums, in general, are diminishing, undoubtedly due to social media’s evolution. SimHQ Motorsports is moving away from the traditional forum structure to the increasingly popular Discord platform. Discord melds live voice and text chat, threads, embedding images and links into one simple to use structure. Everyone who would like to join our Discord chat server is welcome to read about installing the free Discord software. Within a couple days the invitation will be posted on our Discord page how to join.

For those of you who have followed SimHQ Motorsports sim racing over the past several years, we hope you will join us in our new Discord server and if you’re interested, try out for a team seat.