– After podiums at Suzuka and Interlagos, the team arrives at Silverstone with greater confidence.


Cosimo qualified 4th position on the grid.

Silverstone's wet start


The race began with a wet track, and a majority of the teams fitted rain tires prior to the start.

Within the first 4 laps, Cosimo was comfortably in 2nd place. FEEDER suffered a disconnect, and Deltec had to serve a lengthy stop-&-go penalty.

SHQM#20, SinL#13, and Push Rod#15 were running consistent pace and trading positions through first 25 minutes of the race. Then Cosimo would take the lead on lap15.

The team in the pits were again watching the weather radar and the scattered showers that were approaching from the south-east. This uncertainty of more rain drove varied strategies amongst the teams, with some opting for slicks and lower wing settings. Cosimo would stay on wets and extend the set another stint. After the first round of pits stops, Cosimo held the lead of over 30 seconds.


But the rain did not return, the racing line dried out, and PushRod#15 and Deltec#18 (both on slicks) were slowly reeling us in and would overtake Cosimo before the end of the stint.

At the next pit stop, the team decided to switch to hard tires, and Cosimo would run two more stints.

But the race would end for the team on lap 57. Cosimo would turn-in late at Copse Corner, and the wide entry put the car off of the dry racing line. Losing traction, the car slid tail-first through the gravel and into the wall going 84kph, knocking out the engine. Our first DNF of the season, and hopefully our last.

The crash

Post Race Comments


With no points at Silverstone, the team drops to 5th overall in LMP1 class for Division 3.

The 12 Hours of Sebring is next.  It is the penultimate race of the season, and with it comes a higher point on offer.