– P1-Gaming presents the 5 race Super Trofeo Cup for the Lamborghini Huracan ST in Assetto Corsa. The Cup promises to be a stunner with 30 international cars/drivers to challenge at Monza, Silverstone, Imola, Spa Francorchamps, and the finale at Nürburgring.

All 5 races will be broadcast live on P1-Media.

You can download the Spotter Guide here in pdf format.

For Imola Round 3, Simhq Motorsports drivers and teams are:

Jon Uyan – SHQM Red
Blazej Myszk – SHQM Red
Brian van Beusekom – SHQM White


For Jon and Blazey qualifying was once again a difficult task, with them getting 14th and 13th respectively. However, Brian managed to break the bad qualifying streak and managed to put his car in 4th this time, only half a second behind the pole.


Race 1

This time the first lap didn’t see any big crashes. Everyone managed to hold their starting position. However, towards the end of the first lap, Jon had a spin and dropped to last.

Race is on

Brian moves up

During the rest of the race, Brian did not have the pace to stick with the podium drivers and was under pressure from multiple cars behind. Brian shortly dropped to 5th after a mistake but profited of a mistake of the driver in 4th which allowed Brian back in 4th. From there on Brian was able to maintain a gap to 5th and finished 4th.

Blazej was gaining positions because of other cars spinning off, however, 2 big spins for him meant he dropped back again. The rest of the race was fairly quiet for both Blazej and Jon and they gained some positions thanks to mistakes of others.

Results: Brian 4th, Jon 12th, Blazej 13th

Another hard fought position in Super Trofeo Cup

Race 2

With the reverse grid of race 1, Brian was now starting 7th, while Jon and Blazej started where they finished in 12th and 13th.

Unfortunately, Blazej was suffering from lag during the formation lap and had to retire from the second race, leaving only Brian and Jon on the grid.

Up front

Brian had a great start and went from 7th to 5th while surviving the usual 1st corner chaos. The entire race proved to be very though as Brian in the middle of a 7 car pack containing position 1 to 7.

Eventually Brian dropped back to 7th, however, the driver in 6th made a mistake which let Brian back in 6th, and a penalty for one of the leaders meant Brian got back into 5th. He managed to stay in this position although 6th got extremely close. Only 0.04 seconds separated them at the finish line.

Jon also got a good start moving from 12th to 9th after a Turn 1 incident and stayed there most of the race. He could not defend against late chargers T. Beck and O. Krupp losing P9 and P10, but with the last minute problems O. Krupp and Jansen had, he regained P9 on the last lap.

Results: Brian 5th, Jon 9th

Too close

Brian in the chase

Post-Race Comments

By Brian van Beusekom – “I had some very tough racing in both races. I didn’t really have the pace to attack cars in front and was constantly under pressure from behind. I’m very happy with the improvement I managed to show compared to the previous races.”


P1-Gaming Super Trofeo Cup Points through Imola