– P1-Gaming presents the 5 race Super Trofeo Cup for the Lamborghini Huracan ST in Assetto Corsa. The Cup promises to be a stunner with 30 international cars/drivers to challenge at Monza, Silverstone, Imola, Spa Francorchamps, and the finale at Nürburgring.

All 5 races will be broadcast live on P1-Media.

You can download the Spotter Guide here in pdf format.

For Silverstone Round 2, Simhq Motorsports drivers and teams are:

Jon Uyan – SHQM Red
Blazej Myszk – SHQM Red
Brian van Beusekom – SHQM White


We are still having a hard time producing fast lap times with the Huracan. Front-end has pretty substantial understeer. And nervous overall handling making it very inefficient at corner entries under braking.

All 3 drivers who attended this race qualified way behind the mid-field with Brian 16th, Jon 17th, and Blazej 19th.


Race 1

But, lap 1 once again proved big position changes. Just like Monza Race 1 Lap 1 Turn 1, Jon could not find a space to turn into a populated corner and was forced to go straight into run-off area with the help of cold tires. Brian and Blazej, however, stayed with the pack gaining quick positions. And again just like Monza, a long straight part of the track (this time Wellington Straight) proved to be the magnet of the crash fest as 5 cars dropped out of competition momentarily.


Blazo was again the best SHQM driver in traffic jumping from 19th to 9th before even reaching T7, and at the end of L1, he was in P8. Brian followed suit in P9. Jon, after recovering from his off at T1, raised up to P10 behind Brian. Rest of the race was relatively calmer for Jon while both Blazej and Brian gained another position each.

Race 1 results were Blazej 7th, Brian 8th, and Jon 10th.

Race 2

Finishing in P10 meant Jon was starting from pole in race 2, while other two teammates occupied row 2. The start was very clean up front as Jon and Marcel Lau went T1 thru T5 side by side and without any contact, Jon eventually taking the lead and staying in that position for the next 7 laps.


Blazej, however, was having a rough start and had few contacts causing him to drop in the order. Both Brian and Jon also suffered lack of corner speed and had to give way to faster guys in mid-race slowly dropping towards the middle.

Race results for the team were similar to Monza with Brian 7th,  Jon 10th, and Blazej 15th.

Post-Race Comments

By Brian van Beusekom – “After qualifying at the back of the field I wasn’t expecting much. But lap 1 of the race had some big crashes which I managed to avoid. I ended up in P9 and got a position because someone had a penalty, so I finished 8th. Race 2 I started in 3rd and was expecting to be in a lot of trouble from the faster drivers behind. I managed to keep most of them behind me for about 10 minutes but eventually I had to let them go. After many though battles I ended up finishing 7th I think. Pretty good considering the slow pace I had.”

Brian at Silverstone


Results from P1-Gaming Super Trufeo Cup Silverstone

2018 P1-Gaming Super Trofeo Cup