– P1-Gaming presents the 5 race Super Trofeo Cup for the Lamborghini Huracan ST in Assetto Corsa. The Cup promises to be a stunner with 30 international cars/drivers to challenge at Monza, Silverstone, Imola, Spa Francorchamps, and the finale at Nürburgring.

All 5 races will be broadcast live on P1-Media.

P1 Super Trofeo Cup at Monza

The Simhq Motorsports race team will field 4 cars in the Super Trofeo Cup.

Car 63 is driven by Jon Uyan

Car 64 is driven by Blazej Myszk

Car 65 is driven by Brian van Beusekom

Car 66 is driven by Matthew Overton

Thanks to team member Jordy Zwiers for providing the coordinated set of car paint schemes.

Spotter Guide

Here are all the entrants in the 2018 P1-Gaming Super Trofeo Cup. You can download the Spotter Guide here in pdf format.

Spotter Guide


The first race of the series and all of us being a bit rusty with Assetto Corsa, we could not get into the qualifying top 10. Jon started 12th; Blazo started 16th; Brian started 17th; Matthew started 26th on the 30-car starting grid.


Race 1

It was a chaotic start in the first race. One of the Team Velocity cars forced an outside pass at halfway between start and T1 getting almost all 4 wheels on the grass and could not hold on to it when he tried to come back on track. The result was a 4-5 car wreck at high speed, but coming to the T1 entry was not clean either with another car losing it under braking. Accordion effect and pile up at T1 was classic Monza T1, a lot of small contacts among competitors who scrambled to keep their track position. Some lost position and some gained a lot of track advantage. SHQM cars did well. Jon skipped T1 altogether and decided to go through barriers ended up losing only one position. Blazo, on the other hand, gained 10 positions. Brian gained 5 positions. Matthew gained 4 positions after T1 and through the opening lap.

Before the Turn 1 melee

Race 1 beginning of the turmoil

Both Blazo and Brian did well staying in the top 10, while Jon lost momentum and could not follow Brian after getting punted 3 times thru T1 on separate occasions. Matthew had a straightforward race after gaining several more positions between L3 and L7. Blazo saw the most action up front fighting for P5 against 5 other drivers. Brian’s pass for P10 two laps before checkers earned him the pole position for the second race. SHQM results were Blazo 8th; Brian 10th; Jon 14th; Matthew 19th.

Under the bridge at Monza

Race 2

The initial start did not go well with technical issues and several drivers dropping out of the server. Race 2 had to be delayed while officials worked on sorting grid positions. One of the victims was Blazo, who was unable to return to the restarting grid. Start of the second race went a lot smoother compared to Race 1, no big dramas at T1.

P1 Super Trofeo Cup Race 2 Start

Although Brian lost the lead in L1 and had to fight against faster competitors, he kept P2 for two more laps. Then his true pace made him fight for P5, where he ended up finishing.

Brian had a good run going early

After receiving damages from L3 incident Jon did stay in P8 much of the race as much as he could but had to give way to hard-charging S. Krupp and D. Heinz on L15, only to regain P9 when the two got together going thru Ascari and Heinz lost momentum and Jon passed him back before Parabolica on the last lap.More involuntary incidents made Matthew also almost retire from P17 on L12. He ended up dropping to the 23rd position after visiting pits. SHQM Results were Brian 5th; Jon 9th; and Matthew 23rd.

Post-Race Comments

By Brian van Beusekom – “After only a little bit of practice I was not expecting much of this race, which showed in qualifying with an 18th place. The start of the first race was chaos with cars already crashing on the start/finish straight. I somehow managed to avoid these cars and go up all the way to 12th in the first lap. From there it was a fight for 10th almost all the race since 10th would become the pole for Race 2. With 2 laps to go, I managed to get 10th and secured pole for Race 2. Now, I started on the pole for Race 2, but I knew almost everyone around me had a race pace of at least half a second faster. So again I was expecting to drop down the order very quickly. The first lap I dropped to 2nd, and I gradually kept losing positions. About halfway through I had a battle for 5th which I ended up losing, however, the driver who passed me made a mistake and spun, bringing me back to 5th. The other driver got a lot of damage from his crash and was unable to catch me again, which meant I was able to bring the car home in 5th. So, overall, it went much better than expected.”

P1 Super Trofeo Cup


Championship Points after Monza

2018 P1-Gaming Super Trofeo Cup