– The fourth race of the 2018 P1-Gaming 24h Series takes us to Istanbul for the 6 hour endurance race. One thing teams found out – it can be quite rainy in Istanbul!


SimHQ Motorsports fielded 4 cars at Istanbul. Two BMWs ran in Touring class and two Porsche RSRs ran in GT3.

#62 – BMW: Matthew Overton, Steven Hill
#63 – BMW: Jon Uyan, Nic da Silva

#64 – Porsche 911 RSR: Matt Horst, Greg Hall
#65 – Porsche 911 RSR: Nic da Silva, Blazej Myszk


#62 – P4 in class, P28 overall
#63 – P3 in class, P27 overall

#64 – P20 overall
#65 – P3 overall


Screens from the event.

Post-Race Comments

Steven Hill – “I missed the start, but from what I was told by my team mate Matt was that on lap 1 he got turned around in an incident and lost time through repairs.

Taking over the wheel, until the last hour when Matt would be back behind the wheel, we were a lap down and in and around P11 in class, quite probably the most all out 3 hours I’ve put in to recover what we could!

Minus 1 spin and another half spin, I recovered the lap on 3 of our nearest rivals, the first one I unlapped myself on within the first few laps of taking over the wheel then passed them for position later on. And then with Selvi’s incident ahead from what I gather, we netted that position on our strategy.

One of the most hairy moments was when the lagging Bentley was right behind me so our driver swap was delayed a further lap to avoid any entanglement in the pits, this pushed us to pretty much the last hour mark, perfect for Matt to take over until the end. A decent recovery to p8 in class!”

Greg Hall – “The #64 SHQM Porsche 911 didn’t have the best times, nor the worst of times. We just had… times. 188 of them, to be exact, one per lap. It added up to 6 hours of hard-fought racing.

To be honest, Matt had the hard part. He qualified in the rain, and raced on a drying track. I hopped in about 90 minutes into the race, to do two stints.

The only racing I had was with the #222 Racing Spirit car. And wow was that a fight. Every time I had a run, a Touring car was in the way. Or a caution flag waved. The timing never worked. So of course, when I finally made the move, the #222 hit pit lane. I threw down some fast laps at that point so that, six laps later, I pitted and stayed in front.

From there, the only factor was fuel. I hopped out of the car with 2:14 remaining in the race, and begged Matt to save fuel. He did. I got back in the car with 1:07 remaining, and saved fuel. Too much fuel. Finished 57 seconds behind P6, and with two laps of fuel to spare. But it sure was fun to coast. 😀

It was a great race, and I love what P1-Gaming is doing with this series. The variety is always there. Eager to see what comes next.”

Nic da Silva“The #65 Porsche started from third on the grid in a chaotic wet qualifying.

The rain stopped before the warmup, giving us the hard choice of wets or slicks for the start of the race. A crash on the warmup lap required a restart which didn’t help us out too much.

The racing got underway and we were in first until the transition period hit and those that started on slicks came back at us. Taking an early stop to change onto slicks and topping up the fuel extended my first stint. After everyone’s first stops were over we ended up 4 seconds off the lead in third place. The second stop came around and I handed the car over to Blazo, who had a tougher time than I in the #65 Porsche.

When I got back in for the final two hours we had the usual trouble of fuel saving with the same story as the #64. Both cars traveled line astern until the the #65 got a lucky break with traffic and the cars we were fighting and managed to make a break which we kept until the last stint where RevolutionSimRacing came at us hard.

Thankfully, we held on to 5th place. Not the worst or best race but just a consistent one which was much needed. #65 can only get faster from here, bring on Le Mans!”

Next Event

The next P1-Gaming 24h event will be the 12 hour race at Le Mans on Saturday, September 22nd.

P1-Gaming 24h Endurance Series