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Tire wear with 3.0

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There are plenty of threads on PCars forum on tyre wear but I wanted to find out for myself what impact tire wear has now. So I ran 30 laps of Ruapuna GP in overcast weather at noon with BMW M3 GT. I used all default settings on the car except for fuel and tyre compound since all I wanted to know was about wear, not setting the fastest possible time. I hade fuel for 32 laps and used soft slicks on the first session of 30 laps and on the second session of 30 laps I used medium slicks. And the results ended up staggeringly similar. Wear rates were the same although with a different distribution due to me learning the track more as I went along (on lap 29 between 14-19% wear first session and 13-20% wear second session). This is what it looked like on lap 29 second session:


I tried to run consistant laps and faster as I progressed, but still trying to stay on track, so no "make it or break it" laps although I did do skids anyway in both sessions. Driving like that I ended up doing my fastest times on lap 26 and lap 27 respectively. And those times were almost identical (1/100 second difference). So with what I would think of considerable wear (picture is from 3 laps after session two fastest lap and telemetry showed 2% higher wear on all tires then) I managed to set my fastest times, and equally fast with both soft and medium. 

The only sure conclusion I make out of this is that it's perfectly possible to do fast laps with wear as indicated by the picture.  


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