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pCars Doesn't Fire Up...

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Anyone got any ideas? I haven't played for a while, but pCars fires into the screen Slightly Mad Studios screen, then bails out.

I genuinely don't know what's updated on my system since I last played - but it was working fine last time I tried.

I've tried checking the file integrity from the Steam menu - but no joy.

Any ideas please? Anyone suffered the same issue?

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Does it run in the taskmanager still or do you get a crash note?

Updated the graphics drivers perhaps?

Do a check and make sure you have set so that the application controls the settings

Do you run any OSD software (MSI Afterburner? FRAPS? TeamSpeak with an overlay plugin? )

In worst case, delete the settings under <Your_Drive>:\STEAM\userdata\<Your_User_Number>\234630\local\project cars\profiles\default.sav

Note that you will have to setup your wheel and all other settings with this.

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