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SOLD - 3 ASUS 25" 1080p 60Hz monitors

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Great set for 2D surround or Eyefinity gaming. They have DVI, HDMI, and Displayport connections. One of the best monitors for picture quality with minimal light bleed.

I've used these for about 2 years and have just recently replaced them. One of the monitors shipped with a single stuck pixel. For whatever reason ASUS refused to replace it. They said the monitor had to have at least 3 stuck/dead pixels to exchange under warranty. My center monitor had the stuck pixel and was on the lower portion of the screen so I never noticed it. I believe it's stuck light green, so it's rarely if ever noticeable. Make it a side monitor and you'll never know it's there.



2ms GTG


Looking to get $550+shipping. That's about $183 per monitor. They retail for about $280 on average.


If you're interested, email me at zim2323@gmail.com.


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