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not to open a can of worms but...............

to check your peripheral vision hold both arms fully extended so that the plane is behind your head, now slowly move them forward until (looking straight ahead) you just begin to see your hands, Now check out that relative angle close to 180 I bet nowhere near what that screen shows, triple head gives you very close to that true 180 and If you set them up correctly will give you close to real life.

But that screen is jewel for single

I use mismatched screens because I had them laying around. center 32" and 19" widescreens on the sides, there is a kind of distorted view because of the mismatch, but I use the sides to see whats there and not judge distances. when an object passes the from side screen to front it explodes in size . Its like looking out side "rear view" mirrors on our vehicles "objects appear smaller and further away.... "

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You get more vertical fov at least. I simrace on a 50" TV also. Better image quality then the TN/IPS monitors I seen out there but yes 4K would been nice so I could have it closer for even better fov.

Would be nice to have 3 50" tvs though but space doesn´t allow and I am saving up for the Rift anyway smile

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