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Please read this: SimHQ Motorsports needs your help

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Fellow sim racers....

As many of you know SimHQ Motorsports has always been supported by forum based advertising. Up until recently that has produced enough revenue to sustain our activities. However, with the introduction of more sophisticated ad blockers, and more people using mobile devices to access content, the revenue we gain from this has dropped significantly over the last few months.

Our hosting costs alone (Teamspeak, forum server and game server) are close to $300 per month, and that is without all the additional day to day expenses of keeping SimHQ Motorsports ticking over. To give you some idea of the shortfall, despite several thousand visitors, last months ad revenue was a paltry $40. Recently I was shocked to discover that SimHQ Motorsports is only here due to the generosity of Doug who is making up the shortfall from his own money. Given the amount of work he puts into the community for our benefit and enjoyment, it is unacceptable for him to be paying $3000 dollars per year for the privilege. As things stand SimHQ Motorsports will not remain viable in the long term unless it becomes self sustainable.

None of this will happen without your help. Quite frankly, the time has come to pull together as a community and propel SimHQ Motorsports into the next era.

We can all do something:


On the home page http://simhqmotorsports.com/ there is now a donate button. Lack of funds is the biggest problem right now. Even a few cents from each of us will be a massive help. Donating the price of a cup of coffee per month is all it would take to secure a long term future for our home. More cash means bigger events, more small events, prizes, professional commentary and streaming - heck there's a raft of ideas we would love to explore if it were possible. Your donation is not tax deductible.


If you can't donate then consider helping in other ways. We are always looking for race ideas, researchers, testers, writers, modders, administrators etc.


Just being more active on the forums can make a difference. Stimulating and interesting discussions are the lifeblood of our community, don't be afraid to have your say or offer help and advice if you can.


Failing all that, just turn up and race in our events. When all said and done, we're about the racing. Well attended and vibrant events are the heart and soul of SimHQ Motorsports. There is no greater reward for the organizers than seeing a full grid on race day. The more popular our events, the more successful we can become.

We have a long and successful history, we take pride in our friendly and accessible attitude. We continue to push the limits with our SCES series and explore the depths and variety with our Beer & Pretzels events. Our SCFR Stockcar Championship is one of the finest available, and plans for 2014 include an updated racing platform. The forums are active and friendly, we have some extremely talented and hardworking staff/contributors from across the globe. We have big plans and high hopes for the future. rFactor2, project CARS and Assetto Corsa promise to take sim racing to a new level on the PC. Forza 5 and Gran Turismo 6 continue the redefine what is possible on consoles and plans are already underway to make 2014 our best season ever. We don't want to be be hanging on by our fingernails but setting a standard for others to follow.

Really, it's not much to ask when you consider the enjoyment and friendship we get in return. For many of our members (myself included), SimHQ Motorsports and the people within are a very significant and important part of our lives. Take a moment to think about the amount our amazing hobby, and the hole that would be left if SimHQ Motorsports weren't here. I for one am not prepared to let that happen and I know many of you will feel the same.

Doug didn't want to shake the cup, but the inevitable consequence of not doing so is not an option. As a community we should easily have it within our grasp to pull together and give something back.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. That in itself is the first step towards a bright future for SimHQ Motorsports.

See you on track.


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The web site and forums have been moved to a cheaper VPS server that is less powerful than what was running the site previously, but is $75 USD less per month. Hopefully it doesn't affect the site responsiveness. This does not affect the game server or Teamspeak server at this time. That is a different box and hosting service.

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Hello everyone.

I hate to have to do this, but I need to send out a plea for some donations to our Server "Tip Cup".

A sincere thank you to everyone who has been able to send in donations. It has truly helped.

I would just ask those of you who enjoy the site and have not contributed, to periodically send in a few dollars via our Server "Tip Cup".

One other request. I detest ad laden web sites and don't expect you to tolerate them here, but for the few ads I do run, please turn off ad blocker when visiting.

Thank you for your consideration.

- Doug

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There are no ads on the forum, though

The ad code has been updated so there is one on top and one on the bottom of each page. Ad block off for those two ads and for the ones in the articles would be appreciated. Thanks everyone.

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The ads on this site are *extremely* minimal, IMO. Honestly, ads don't really bother me as long as they are not impeding site performance and advertising stuff that is at least halfway relevant to the subject matter of the site.

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Sorry to have to rattle the tin cup again a few months after the last plea, but I need your help again. And this isn't easy to ask of readers. Actually, it is embarrassing.

Some of you are donating monthly and some are donating frequently -- and it is REALLY APPRECIATED -- but I need those of you who are not contributing to help with the costs on a more regular basis. Please toss in a few dollars when you can, and ideally monthly or semi-monthly.

Right now the site has an $800 balance on the business credit card and with monthly donations not quite covering the $225 USD per month expenses, and with some people disabling the minimal ads appearing on the site, the site is running a monthly shortfall.

The web site and forums cost $50 USD per month. The game server and Teamspeak server costs $170 USD. The remaining $5 USD is to cover expenses like software updates, hosting special services like reformatting, and that is what is running behind in expenses. I cannot move forward on the needed forum updates until the balance is cleared.

I've agreed to continue with the game server expense through the end of this year, but if the credit card balance isn't cleared and if monthly donations and ad payment does not cover the monthly expenses, the game server and Teamspeak server will be closed at the end of this year. This is not meant to be a threat in any way, but readers need to understand the situation, so I would be remiss in not advising what is going on.

People will do what they can, and if they find the site, game server, and Teamspeak server valuable, they will contribute on a regular or fairly regular basis. I do not believe in charging for premium content, premium site access, or plastering the site with ads. Our information should remain open to all and ads should not impact quality.

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Thanks to everyone who was able to help contribute. The cc balance has now been knocked down so we're back to month-to-month expenses. I'll be sending everyone a personal thank you, but I wanted to do an overall thanks here.

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2 hours ago, cosimo said:

Would like to donate but don't see an option anywhere? (On mobile)

Well you have great timing Cosimo.

No everyone, I didn't ask Cosimo to post this and didn't know he was going to :D but since he has posted it, I'll go ahead and make some comments now.

I've been intentionally quiet about it, but you've noticed changes here in the forums.

I didn't announce it before now, but the game server has received a RAM update -- doubling the previous amount, a new SSD drive for the operating system, and a new support function from the host.

Additionally, there have been rebuilds at the three support sites: SimHQMotorsports.net, SCESracing.com, and UKCupSeries.com. A new iRacing news site, iRacerReport.com is work-in-progress.

Darren Blythe is the events host for Assetto Corsa. He is currently doing the SYTYF series. Look for a new AC series of short race events based on touring cars (UKCupSeries.com) to be announced in the coming few weeks.

Conny Naslund is the events host for R3E. He has the two hour endurance race event scheduled for September, and other plans beyond that.

Stephanie Lessentine is the host for some new iRacing SimHQ Motorsports events, and she will be the editor of our new iRacerReport.com website.

I hope to announce an events host for Project CARS soon.

IOWs, while we have some good participation in the rF2 based SCES Historics Series, the SCES 6 Hours of Suzuka, and the Thursday night stock cars, I'm intentionally expanding SimHQ Motorsports into other events for other titles (with a lot of help from Darren, Conny, Stephanie, and others), and planning to focus on a few key series and events for rF2-based racing.

So all that is why SimHQ Motorsports needs your continued financial contribution and support, and why there is once again a Server Tin Cup on the top-right of the forums homepage. :)



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Will donate come payday, this site has been such a valuable resource in my journey into sim racing I would be happy to contribute. 

 On the subject of article writing, I am a fairly capable writer and if Doug or Darren have any ideas for articles, real world racing or sim racing I would be happy to put something together from time to time. PM me if you would like me to do something. 

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Hello everyone. I'm going to make my annual request for some help with "Our Servers Tin Cup".

Current expenses are $180 USD per month for the web sites and the game and Teamspeak servers.

The expenses are less than previous years because the forums upgrade is completed and we're not requiring any out-of-pocket development help.

But after just doing our annual taxes, it still doesn't look good. :sigh:

In the lower right of the forums start page is a contribution box that goes to the site's PayPal account. If you feel you can contribute a few bits per month, it would be greatly appreciated.

I *hate* to ask for this, but to keep things rolling I have to bring it forward periodically.

Thanks for your continued support and encouragement for our site.

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