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FS: EVGA GTX 680 2gb video card

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As stated, EVGA GTX 680 2gb video card.

I purchased this through Newegg.com February last year. Below is a link to the newer version of the card.


I'm asking $275 +shipping handling and fees.

Transferrable warranty with 2 years remaining. All original box, CD, adapters, packaging, etc.

*Edit 7/24 1:54pm - Posted as $325+shipping, was supposed to be $325 shipped (shipping included in price each)

*Edit 7/24 1:57pm - Added packaging and warranty info.

*Edit 8/8 9:53am - Changed price to $275ea +shipping.

*Edit 8/10 9:42am - Updated price for all 3 together.

*Edit 8/14 10:12am - 2 cards sold. Updated listing accordingly.

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