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So You Think You're Fast? F1 Circuit Challenge: Ferrari 458 GT2 @ Yas Marina

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F1 Circuit.png

Prior to each F1 race we will hotlap the same track as the real life drivers but using a different car each time.  Times will be recorded using the in game steam friends leaderboard.

Each challenge will run until Midnight GMT on the Sunday of the race.  The next challenge will start on the following Monday.  Thanks to Ahmad for the initial idea :thumbsup:

The next Challenge is:

Challenges > Hotlap: Ferrari 458 GT2 @ Yas Marina

This is an Addon Track.  Get it Here:



This challenge is now open & will expire midnight GMT on the 26th Nov


Rules and Requirements:

Game Settings

Launcher settings for ABS and TC must be set to FACTORY.

(once on track you can change the settings if the car allows it)

Stability OFF, Fuel ON

Penalties must be enabled


Before you can start posting laps you need to do two things (if you haven't already)

1. Activate the in game Friends Leaderbord. To do this, take to the track and move your mouse to the right hand edge of the screen to activate the apps sidebar. From here select the Friends Leaderboard (it's near the bottom)


You should then see a leaderboard similar to this. You can drag it round to a suitable position.


Once the app is active it will log your laps and list those of your Steam Friends.

2. In order to get an accurate set of comparison of times you will need to add people to your friends list. You should be able to find all of us at the SimHQ Motorsports Steam Group. Just send out friend invites to those taking part and when they accept you can see their times on your leaderboard.

I have most people already, but if you want to enter, please add me as a friend first (if you haven't already), then post a time. I'll periodically post my leaderboard in the following post so you can all see who you need to befriend. Hopefully after a short while we'll all be bosom buddies.

Have Fun!!!

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I've been out of town so apologies for lateness announcing the winner of our Final challenge of this season.

Massive congrats to Ben.  Nice driving :thumbsup:

Thanks to all who posted times and enjoyed the challenges.  See you all soon.


DB :thumbsup:

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