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Great podcast - Dinner with Racers

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I found this podcast and really, really enjoy it - I'm binge-listening from the beginning and have yet to hear a weak episode:


It's definitely very heavy on IMSA/IndyCar in terms of the guest line up, but much of the talk is general enough that I would give it a blanket recommendation to anyone with an interest in racing.

One benefit of being heavy on the IMSA/IndyCar stuff is that it makes you realize how "elite" F1 has become (and not in a good way).  I assume WEC might possibly suffer from this same phenomenon (though I don't really follow it, so I can't say for sure), but everyone and everything in F1 is either treated like it's closely guarded state secret, or so hyper-managed from a PR standpoint that it becomes neutered.  The contrast becomes very apparent when listening to the guests on "Dinner with Racers" - everyone pretty much lets it rip and you get to hear some really awesome inside stories and insights that you'd never get to hear in F1 unless you were a true paddock insider or one of the "elites".

And, take note F1...it works!  I'm already a regular IndyCar viewer (I catch probably 80-90% of the races), but I can tell you my DVR has been set for every IMSA event available to me so far this year and that would not have been the case if it weren't for this podcast bringing the series alive for me and heightening my driver/team/etc recognition.

A recent episode I listened to had an interview with Jeff Braun (http://www.rrdc.org/member/jeff-braun/) and they asked him if he could change one thing and one thing only about racing, what would it be?  I muttered under my breath "get rid of downforce"...much to my surprise/pleasure, his answer was "reduce downforce by at least half, preferably by 70%"  I thought, "this is my kind of guy!"  He cited a lot of the same reasons I do, including driving engineering innovation in areas that ~gasp~ people might actually care about (instead of "ooh, look at this - Ferrari does one little winglet here, whereas McLaren does a cluster of three little winglets!"  Snore!  Wake me up when you guys have something that might actually have some semblance of road relevance).

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