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First solo drive at VIR, Focus RS / Mustang Turbo

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Trackdaze group at VIR Full course March 20/21 . This was my first solo drive. Ended up being a small group, so we had tons of track time. I think I had 10 hours track time over 2 days if I wanted. Only ended up driving about 6 or 7, which was plenty. Really recommend these people if you're on the East coast. https://www.trackdaze.com/ Great group, chill and fun, but safe. They have instructors for some sessions too, which is how I got to eventually solo drive on an open track. No pace cars or speed limits or anything.  


I drove a stock 2015 Mustang EcoBoost w/Performance Package, Dad drove his Focus RS. We switched cars a couple of times. :)
The Mustang was a very friendly track car. Enough power to not get run-over by other cars, and very neutral when pushed a little harder. Did nothing unexpected, and when the rear breaks loose, it's nice and gradual. Though, Dad spun the Mustang in turn 5a/6.
If the EcoBoost had a little more power, a louder exhaust, and I had dialed in a little more aggressive camber in the front, it would be quite the dandy track car. Heavy, but still very fun to drive.

The RS is like nothing I've ever driven before. So much torque. so much grip, so forgiving with its fancy AWD system. First time I've ever started to get motion-sickness while driving.  I'ld put some miles on it commuting, which gave me some familiarity and respect for the car, but pushing it on track was an eye-opener.  Totally nuts.


I appreciated the torquey turbos in both cars, as it saved me from having to downshift quite as much as I did the time I drove a V6 Mustang, and even the V8 GT.  Without an instructor in the car, I actually felt a little more comfortable, finally mastered heel/toe downshifting when braking hard at turn 1.  That turn comes up fast, and before I was previously more concerned with actually slowing in time than I was with proper technique.

All the other drivers were courteous and patient, which is good because moving up from beginner to intermediate meant I was no longer passing more cars than were passing me.  My arm was getting tired from all the point-bys. :D   Lots of modded Corvettes out there.

I hope to get back in August.



Got back and next day drove @Darren_Blythe 's VIR in Assetto Corsa.  Yep, it's still just as fun even after driving the real thing.  :thumbsup:

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