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GTOmega Racing Cockpit and Monitor Stand GONE

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Hey Guys,

My old GTOmega cockpit has become available

because I received delivery of my new rseat today! :P

so probably only of interest to folks in the UK, but the GTOmega is up for anyone who will collect it, free as in free.

There is nothing wrong with it, it is less than two years old but it was the best solution for me at the time of purchase, now I want something more suited.

My only complaint about it is that it is not rigid enough.

You can see what they are like, the seat frame and the steering wheel stand are separate but bolt together, but can easily be taken apart if you need to dismantle for space or whatever.
There is also a triple monitor stand that goes with it which is also included.

Just so you understand, I'm arthritic so the best I can do with these items is to tie them into bundles and make them available for collection only. Hope someone can find a good home for them. :thumb:


edit: chair not included.

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That´s a very generous offer you are making here! :thumbsup:

May I ask what racing chair you used together with the seat frame?

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