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Porsche Coming to iRacing

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This all sounds good. But how much different is this really going to be than the Ruf they've already got in the sim? Are we going to just end up paying for the difference in the logo?

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It's the 2017 model (2018 for American customers...I never understood that :screwy:) so it's different in that way. Sure it looks very much like the RUF but still not. So it's just not that they are slapping the new badge on it and selling it again. This time they also got actual data from Porsche. The RUFs  data has been from some private Porsche teams as the RUFs are fictive when it comes to racing.

Then it got the new TM which I must say is really impressive so far. Low speed slides seems alot better and the death wiggle seems almost gone. Doing a burnout does not make the tires act like they were made of icecream the next 2 laps. Also it behaves well over curbs, not bouncing as the RUF always did :boing:. ( now go and fix the McLarens curbs issues also please)

I must agree with Matt that this does promise well for the future. Hopefully we will see the same improvements comming on all other cars soon.



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