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New patch coming tomorrow

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The update seems good but i am having glitches with it.  Anybody else got issues?


I can sometimes get into multiplayer or single player menu but it often goes blank and comes up with a menu, return or go back to desktop, probably 75% of the time.

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Still more fixes and also the F3 is released.:woot:

F3s are my favourite openwheeler cars in any sim. Just enough downforce and horsepower for me.

This one feels good, a bit different than Automobilista, perhaps a little easier to drive until you are pushing it really hard.

Not a fan of them not adding this to a pack though. The last cars get expensive if you want more than one skin to it. I was hoping that you could use the premium pack and get all added in case you are own all. But that only works once for now.


  • Fixed an issue where the game would get stuck after skipping a session in a custom championship.
  • Fixed an issue where the car setup file was being saved in wrong directory after loading championship.
  • Fixed an issue with cars being too spread out in rolling start and almost going off the road.
  • Fixed an issue where tyres were changing regardless of player choice during pitstop.
  • Fixed so brake bias etc. can only be changed as long as the player's car hasn't finished the race.
  • Reduced ffb slip effects for default xbox gamepad control sets.


  • Removed RaceSeriesFormat from multiplayer (now it always use custom/RRE format).
  • Disabled full lap time syncing upon joining a dedicated server. It now only requests the best lap time of each opponent instead of all of them. This should help with people experiencing problems when joining a server at the end of a long practice or qualifying session.
  • Fixed an issue where opponents driving certain cars such as Audi TT Cup would appear to have a bad stance, appearing taller.
  • Fixed an issue with garage countdown timer still being visible in menus after leaving a MP session during garage phase.
  • Fixed an issue with dedis not reporting results to backend.
  • Fixed issue with dedis not using correct race length for race 2 & 3.

Sounds, Physics & AI:

  • Reduced engine sensitivity to side contacts in mid and rear engine cars
  • Sachsenring: Fixed AI hitting the tire wall at pit exit
  • Red Bull Ring Spielberg: Added alternative layout Südschleife National Circuit
  • Finalized Formula RaceRoom 3 physics and AI for release

Portal & Backend:

  • Added option to hide password protected servers to MP browser.
  • Added quick search field to MP browser.
  • Fixed an issue with competition end countdown being inaccurate for players in different timezones.
  • Fixed an issue with an essential pack already owned appearing as purchasable when looking at a car in car selection menus.

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Tried out the F3 last night - felt really good, this will be a sure-purchase for me.

I do think the AMS version is slightly better (from a physics standpoint, at least).  Not by a wide margin - the R3E version still feels very good, I just personally think the AMS F3 feels a bit more "alive".

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