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New Circuit de le Sarthe Server up

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Just in case anyone fancies it.. i have rented a 16 slot Assetto server to put the circuit de le sarthe on as i couldn't find a decent one that was up all the time. At the moment its got a few cars available and inadiquate qualify and practice times but it gives a 10 lap race.. Everyone welcome. Usually racing it evenings UK time. The server is called ZeroF*cksGiven (Censored *) (Old clan name!) and has no password currently. It has stracker enabled but i didn't turn on minorating yet.

Any cars wanted just holler and i will add them. At the moment its the GT2 ferrari 458, the BM m3 gt2, and a random couple others that are changing daily as i test things out. i think at the moment its the p4/5 competizione and the Audi R8, Open to any suggestions for the best cars to use etc..



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