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Road Trip 2016

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Sorry gang, this is an unashamed "look at me" post, but with some content you might find interesting. Sarah and I are currently on holiday in France, after catching the boat to Bilbao and driving up through the Pyrenees. After some roads like this:




And a few stops like this:



We've just arrived at Hotel de France in La Chartre sur le Loir:



The hotel is famous as a base for many Le Mans competitors since the 50s through to the 80s. My car is currently parked in the garage / courtyard that the teams prepared the cars in before heading off the the race (on the public roads), competing, and in some cases returning for a victory celebration. The place is dripping with motor racing history, and of a race with a very special meaning for me. 

Have a look at the history of the hotel here HISTORY (I'm currently parked where the 962 in the slideshow is, and if you click the link for the full history you will see some corrugated iron gates in 1967, which still exist today, and which give access to where we are parked.


Again, apologies for the narcissistic nature of this post, but I'm beside myself with the thought of the history of where we are staying, and, frankly, I bloody adore my car and can't quite believe where it is parked tonight!

EDIT: Sorry, fixed the incorrect HISTORY link.


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