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Thank you for posting these. I'm enjoying them very much. I may have to pick this one up down the road.

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Sochi Qualifying

I changed my tyres at the start from Super Soft to Soft - being cocky. Actually just not wanting to waste a set of Super Soft tyres if I could help it. Turned out, I slipped down quite quickly and had to go out again in Q1 to get a better time on Super Soft tyres.

Q2 I went out in scrubbed Super Soft tyres and quickly realised I should've used my new set - so again, I had to go out a second time in the session

Sochi - Qualifying

There's a couple of "chinks" noticeable in the AI.

First, there's really no way a Marussia - even with the developments being made - should be qualifying so high (I won't spoil the surprise...watch the vid). I've had some development done on the car, but the car is still bottom of the pile in terms of overall performance (when you go to the development screen, you can see other team performances in relation to your team).

I'm playing on 1 below the top level of AI (I think I'm on Expert and the top level is Legend) and given that level, I'd expect a Marussia to be stuck in the first part of qualifying, regardless how good the driver is.

I know I won't do so well in racing - which highlights a separate issue which is where in previous F1 games, you used to qualify fairly low and in the race you could be first by the first corner...it seems to be reversed here where you qualify high and run the race lower down...which is actually a better representation of how it is in the real F1 world.

So - there's that. I don't think I can change the AI level - but I may have to do that because the car is out performing it's performance.

Secondly, you will notice at some point during qualifying (5 minutes in) I have just finished my fast lap and requested to box - so coming into the pits. I'm on my in lap and I see Hulkenburg behind me. I slow down to let him past, which he does, and then proceeds to slow down a couple of times because I'm close. This highlights to me that the AI is not programmed to understand that I have just requested to pit. If the AI could detect that, then it shouldn't be making such an effort to let me past.

So I said I would keep people informed of perceived issues that I cam across and so I am.

It still doesn't ruin the game - it's a fantastic racing sim. Although the Marussia qualifying so high does irk me somewhat

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Right - Sochi race start, first few laps and Virtual Safety Car

Sochi start and first few laps and VSC

Unfortunately I crashed out on lap 18. As I said previously, I'm only going to use the Flashback feature if it's my fault. For AI issues, I'll use it. Unfortunately, this was my fault, so I took the hit and didn't finish.

For the next race, Catalunya in Spain, I've upped the AI to Legend

My new rival is Gutierrez in the HAAS as I've beaten my teammate and been promoted to primary driver within the team (just means more bonus points on offer I think).

I am winning the rivalry to Gutierrez by 1 point. I was winning by 5 or 6, but crashing out of Sochi put paid to that lead.

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I definitely need to lower the AI. Not only is it kick arse on Legend, but any hopes of managing to perform anything related to times is just completely out of reach.

Here's my rather sorry attempt at the tyre test - not a single point. And this is not down to not knowing the circuit - it's down to what the game has deemed an acceptable lap time for what I set the AI to.
Catalunya - A bad Tyre Test in P1

The game needs an "in-between" here. I find it too easy on Expert and I'm out performing where I should be and yet I'm left stationary one level up.

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Any way to configure triple screens? Is aspect ratio 21:9 all there is??

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