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As the racing with R3E here at SimHQ Motorsports seems to be hard to get going by our selfs, I would like to promote another forum that has managed to get the R3E ball rolling. 


You might have seen some of the SRU guys have also joined here and signed up with the endurance race. I'm currently driving with their BMW M1 series, and I must say it's a blast with really great racing.

So if you want to get your R3E fix, I would strongly recommend to join them too.

 It's a German forum, but it's ok to post in English. Most replies are in German, but with some help of google translate that is a minor issue. Admins will also help you if needed.

My hope is that together with SRU, SSR and some more sim racing forums that I have contact with, we would be able to get this Endurance racing running on a more permanent basis.

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