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Doug Atkinson

Darren's Barbagallo Raceway - Public Test Now Available!

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The wait is over

First up thanks to Darren Blythe for making this track and then allowing me to convert it over.
2nd Thanks to Hexagramme for making the AIW
Also a big thanks to all the guys at xfactorracing.com for all the testing and downloading they did.

Also to my wife for all the hours I spent on it.

Not very much left to do so it's time for the public test and see what you guys find. I welcome your feedback so I can try and make it the best I can.


All rFactor 2 features added
2 layouts (long, Short)
terrain Radiosity Pass
new terrain shader
wet reflections
Animated objects
Billboard trees and shrubs
added grass verge
re-textured all objects
albedo maps
Ambient Occlusion maps made for some objects
Graphic detail settings (med, low)


Hope you like it and please leave feedback if you find any issues.





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Fixed the z-fighting tree last turn
Fixed z-fighting on small hut (last turn)
made the uvw mapping of the cube map on the windows smaller and reduced the reflectiveness
Lowered the lip around the track on the corners and race line. 
Redbull tents now cast a shadow.
Re-textured the railing on the G stand
new cam file
replaced some trees

mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/download/4d...gallo_v1.rfcmp
steam workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfile.../?id=768933002

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