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So You Think You're Fast? AC Hotlap Challenge: F. Renault 3.5 @ Spielberg GP

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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

1 hour ago, Darren_Blythe said:

This challenge has now closed.  It looks like archii has nailed this one!! Congratulations (and welcome!) :band:

(BTW.  You need to add me to your Steam friends so you appear on the 'official' leaderboard)

Thanks to everyone who posted times.  Looks like this combo went down well.  Thanks Piotr. :thumbsup:

@archii16 Would you like to pick the next combo? (You can keep the same car if you like  - or switch to something else. Your choice)

I added you on steam! As for the combo.. I dont know really what to pick! Formula Abarth sounds fun and should be tight! As for the track.. Maybe Magione or Blisterberg? If I remember correctly Blisterberg is the testtrack for Porsche. What I also really liked was a (older) formula 1 car or the formula renault around Canada (circuit gilles villeneuve) and was quite a challenge to stay out of the walls.




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