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My Sparco / Ricmotech / Logitech / SRW "mash up"

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Hi all,

I finally finished my Logitech G25 mods on New Year's Day. I had modded the pedals a while ago, adding the Ricmotech load cell kit. The wheel is nine years old, and works perfectly, but I fancied a change. I had planned to fit the SimRaceWay wheel to the G25, but it looked as if it was not up to the job in the long term. So I changed tack and ordered a real world wheel, and the Ricmotech boss adaptor and paddle extensions. This was relatively easy to fit, although it does need some surgery to the wheel column for the extensions. This is not documented in the instructions, so it was a bit of improvisation and Dremelling to sort it.

I had already bought the SRW wheel and didn't want to waste it, so set about turning it in to a button box. Getting the cabling up the steering column was a bit fraught as I had to cut all the G25 cabling to the wheel too. This gave me room to thread the SRW cable up along side, and reattach. Unbelievably, everything worked first time I plugged it in to the PC!

The lights on the wheel work, controlled by FanaLEDs app (If I remember correctly.) I cut some carbon effect vinyl with my Silhouette Studio "robo-cutter" and bought a Dymo label maker. The labels are still a work in progress as I configure the button mapping.

A lot of work, but relatively cheap, and the satisfaction of a good result from DIY. It all sits on my new Playseats Alcantara setup (only had desk and office chair up till now!) I'm really pleased with the setup, and it adds a great deal to racing in a "realistic" environment.




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