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FF: Logitech DFP (non-functional)

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For Free!  Non-functional Logitech DFP for free at your cost for UPS shipping from Chicago, IL  USA.  Perfect for someone who has the knowledge, skill, and time to tinker with electronics and make operational or use for spare parts.  

Whilst cleaning out the basement I also found my first wheel!  It is a Logitech DFP that I used on the Playstation3 and GT5 that got me into simracing.  The unit stopped working and I stored it away after getting a Logitech G27.  I do not recall why the wheel stopped working.  I will plug it in later today and see if I can add anything to this post

Since it is free (besides shipping cost) you must agree that if you fix the wheel and do not intend to use it then you must pass it on for free or for the cost of shipping.  (of course, no one could prevent you from doing otherwise, but God does see and know all, so for the sake of your karma do not use this opportunity of a free wheel for a cash grab blah blah blah you know what I mean!)






pics coming soon...


Thanks for looking


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