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Found 9 results

  1. If your a console racer, I started a club via live called "Gamepad Racing", (you don't have to use a gamepad, just got to realize 90% of console gamers do, so give room.) We have a IMSA season, a WEC season, (LMP1 and GT3 cars), using both FM6 and Project Cars. We will also be having a F1 season using F1 2016. Points and all. Clean racing rules. Also have "Club Events" like the upcoming Daytona 50, the Indy 50, Le Mans 4 hour... etc etc... So, if interested... by the way points and prizes for the IMSA and WEC season... add me on live, Magnum9846 and/or join the club "Gamepad Racing.
  2. Don't know what the heck Turn 10 was thinking with the default gamepad settings in Forza Horizon 3, default controls are very open, meaning way to much play... I'd recommend you try these, (Thanks to Tigerwulf for this help/feedback), then adjust.
  3. Now that I'm retired and gaming more, also started live streaming... mostly console games, just easier... driving games, sport games, and tactical shooters, will be doing more when the big titles start getting released... but for PC also streaming Steel Beasts Pro PE, ArmA3, and R6 Siege... so, if interested follow me please... https://www.twitch.tv/gotyoursixgaming/profile I've also started a "club" with the new club system, just in beta now, coming out for all in the Winter update for racers called, Gamepad Racing, don't have to use a gamepad, just realize most console racers do... if you got a XB1, and want to race, when it's released join in. Thx.
  4. It's actually a pretty good, fun game... no sim, but a fun arcade MC racer... especially like the open worlds and the point to point... the AI is rough, meaning they exist to crash you, on the track races... 40 bucks, but be warned... you only get about 4 tracks per each mode... it will cost you ANOTHER 60 bucks! to by all the tracks and bikes... terrible idea, but that's what these game companies do now-a-days. https://store.xbox.com/en-US/Xbox-One/Games/MX-vs-ATV-Supercross-Encore/47858f86-9d5c-4888-882c-19e5a6f999db
  5. IndyCar Cockpits...

    I do love both of the games, for what they are... sim lite games, but on Indy Car cockpits, I believe Project CARS wins over FM6...
  6. My first attempt at a PnP video, my timing was off...dammit! Still one hell of a drive, and snow banks...
  7. Milestone has a questionable past when it comes to their games, IMO... but still, looks interesting... MotoGP, dirt tracks, and rally... http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/valentino-rossi-the-game-new-previews-releases-june.121131/
  8. Well I was going to do an article on the 3 but this guy I follow on you tube did it much better, and I agree with him almost 100%... he covers the 3 games, the cars, tracks, the modes then goes into the graphics and sounds, then how they play with a gamepad, how they play with a wheel, and then the summary... a very good and informative video on the subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeUGW8BNjRo
  9. Now I admit, Forza Motorsport 6 is not really a sim per say, more of a car collector, car fan, test drive game. The career races are typical console BS, 3 to 5 lap races, bump and grind to the front, (because you have to take a podium to move on), in the first lap then drive clean for the remainder. AI is stupid, brakes for no reason, goes slower then needed etc etc... But if you realize the above, and play the game for what it is, there are some pretty good racing inside this piece of console software. My favorites being the rival mode where you race against friends times and the showcases, and that's really what this thread is about. Showcases are fantastic, they are under the career menu, and their are different ones worth races. My favorites being the Race Driver Experience, History, and the endurance races... now the endurance races really aren't properly long, but they are long for console play with a gamepad. At the end of every race I'm sweating, back hurts, and my fingers are cramped. So if you have FM6, but really just sitting around because there are better "sim" racers out there... might want to check out some of these modes and races. Just remember, you have to finish first to win and move on, so for endurance races I turn on some aids, like minor damage... because you don't want to be on lap 83 of a 84 lap race and a AI stop hard in front of you for no reason.