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Found 3 results

  1. SCES R3E - 2 Hours of Spa - Overview

  2. SCES R3E - 2 Hours of Spa - Registration

    Registration Now Open. Please add your information below. Name: Car Class (P2 or GT3): Car Number: -------------------------------------- P2 Entries Pär Öqvist / P2 / #10 Andreas Hatzmann / P2 / tba Dominik Pieper / Radical SR9 /Judd #8 Stefan Möbus / Chevy Daytona/ #in black Michael Garscha / DMD P21/ #45 Andrew Harper / #31 DMD P21 Alex Coutie / #38 Martin Gruber /#77 Björn Johansson Mistral M531# 7 Christopher Wolfgruber /#33 Roberto De Filippis / #tba GT3 Entries Conny Naslund / Ford GT / #41 Goon / MP4-12C GTR / #37 Staniol / Nissan GTR / #23 Nhill40 / Ford GT / #3 Lars Aldebo / Corvette / #13 Piotr / RUF/ # tba Class TBA
  3. Introduction A special event endurance race on Saturday, 27 August with the rFactor 2 Suzuka track (Matsusaka) and the latest URD 2.0 PX1, PX2, and EGT cars. Event sessions (practice, qualifying, warmup) will start @ 1600 GMT. The race itself starts @ 1700 GMT. Before the next endurance racing season starts, we are going to slip-in a single SCES fun event for those who want to run the new URD 2.0 cars at the new rFactor2 track Matsusaka, better known as Suzuka. Teams This is a team event for 2 or more drivers. Each team must complete at least one mandatory driver swap during the 6 hour event. Teams are welcome to have as many drivers as they want, and make as many additional pit stops as they want. Registration Teams should sign-up here for the event. Downloads Matsusaka (Suzuka) track or from rFactor 2 Steam Workshop URD 2.0 carsets purchase Race Day Schedule Saturday, 27 August: 1545 GMT - server reboot 1600 GMT - driver rejoin* 1615 GMT - qualifying 1650 GMT - warmup 1700 GMT - 6 hour Suzuka Qualifying is a closed session with multiple cars visible. * Starting drivers must be on the server before the server advances to qualifying or be prepared to join the server in warmup from the back of the grid. Drivers who leave the server in qualifying can join during warmup. Any time already posted before leaving the server in qualifying will be their official qualifying time. Sim Racing Guidelines The series will use the SimHQ Motorsports Sim Racing Guidelines. http://simhqmotorsports.net/sim-racing-guidelines/ Settings rFactor 2 version: Latest build version of rFactor2 - currently 1098 Flag Rules: black only In-game race start time: 12 pm In-game weather: partly cloudy / no chance of rain Time Compression: none (1x) Car setups: open Fuel Setting: normal Tire Wear Setting: normal Driving Aids: Auto Clutch and Shift, low traction control, low anti-lock braking Damage Multiplier: 50% Drivers do not need to come to a complete stop to ESC All 3 virtual mirrors available Driving view: open Weather: 0 humidity, temperature 29C, no rain Rubbered-in track surface common for all sessions Custom skin uploading is on Driver swap is on Spectating is on (but once on the server, do not leave!) Unique vehicle setting is off Race rejoin "3" is on DQ / UNDQ is on Server Open server now available for practice. Name: Suzuka + URD 2.0 Password: Server password has been sent to team managers via PM. Server is set for... 120 minutes practice 30 minutes qualifying 10 minute warmup 6 hour race URD v2.0 EGT, PX1, PX2 are loaded. You must have the track and the latest URD 2.0 EGT, PX1, and PX2 cars loaded to join the server. LiveRacers Live Timing & Scoring http://simhqmotorsports.liveracers.com/Live/?server=Suzuka + URD 2.0 Teamspeak Monitoring our Teamspeak race control channel is mandatory as part of participating. You do not need to talk, but you need to hear race control messages. Each team registered will have a private sub-channel "pit garage" on Teamspeak. Teamspeak Server Name: SimHQ Motorsports - Server 1 IP: Server Password: barbwire