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Found 3 results

  1. rF2 moving from ISI to Studio397

    This might be the boost rF2 needs... finally. "Today, 15th September 2016, Image Space Incorporated (ISI) announced a strategic partnership with the Dutch software group Luminis to accelerate rFactor2’s development. The partnership will be brought into a new company named Studio397. Now hold on to your seats. Studio397 rolled out an ambitious roadmap for rFactor 2. They are planning to equip rFactor 2 with a new DX11 based graphics engine including VR support. Furthermore, they will revamp the user interface and try to increase the frequency of new car and track releases. Last but not least, Studio397 will try to recruit new strategic partners to secure the long-term development of the platform. This is more than exciting news, and might just be what the doctor ordered to get rFactor2 back on its tracks." http://www.bsimracing.com/rfactor-2-moves-to-a-new-company-welcome-studio397/
  2. Message from Tim Wheatley "Today we would like to announce gJED, an effort to remove the reliance on 3DS Max as the only tool for rF2 modding: "Probably a few weeks from release, it's time to talk about gJED, a new mesh and materials property editor for gMotor2-based applications. gJED allows for real-time editing of gMotor2 content created in any content editor which can export the FBX file format. Content creators are no longer tied to a single platform (3DS Max). gJED is a real-time DirectX application built using the same engine and shaders as rFactor2, and therefore has most of the same graphical options as rFactor2. Much of the operation of gJED is similar to that of the latest gMotor2 plugins for 3DS Max." http://wiki.rfactor.net/index.php?title=GJED
  3. New, undocumented admin capabilities in Build 982. /changelaps now supports anywhere from -1000 to 1000 laps /changelaps and various other commands (/editgrid, /setmass, /addpenalty, /subpenalty) that accepted a player name now can also work with a vehicle name (prefix "V:") or team name (prefix "T:") I just found out about this. I learned about it when discussing the changelaps command I had to apply to a car in Saturday's SCES race, and he told me I could have done one line instead of the old limit of 10 / -10 laps at a time to make an adjustment.