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Found 4 results

  1. Registration Now Open. Please add your information below. Name: Car Class (P2 or GT3): Car Number: -------------------------------------- P2 Entries Pär Öqvist / P2 / #10 Andreas Hatzmann / P2 / tba Dominik Pieper / Radical SR9 /Judd #8 Stefan Möbus / Chevy Daytona/ #in black Michael Garscha / DMD P21/ #45 Andrew Harper / #31 DMD P21 Alex Coutie / #38 Martin Gruber /#77 Björn Johansson Mistral M531# 7 Christopher Wolfgruber /#33 Roberto De Filippis / #tba GT3 Entries Conny Naslund / Ford GT / #41 Goon / MP4-12C GTR / #37 Staniol / Nissan GTR / #23 Nhill40 / Ford GT / #3 Lars Aldebo / Corvette / #13 Piotr / RUF/ # tba Class TBA
  2. Finally release, but be aware that the pack does not seems to be available just yet. They have some issues with releasing it. But do test drive it until then.
  3. As Christmas is coming we feel it's time to give some love to the R3E simulator too. After all food and presents, let's get behind the wheel and burn off some calories and try out those new toys you got for your sim rig. This will be a short but sweet GT3 series just too keep you busy on the holiday evenings. A signup thread will soon be opened, with the general information.