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Found 4 results

  1. SimHQ Motorsports Classic DiRT Rally - PC Version Group B (Season 1) Group B is back, this time with the same format as the WRC, with a couple of twists. 6 Rally events over 6 months. 12 stages each. 4 weeks to put your time in each round. 400+bhp RWDs join the fun. No Restarts. Event Details 6 rounds in 6 months 12 stages at each round Cars: Group B 4WD & RWD Season Start Date: June 13th 0030 US PST Season Finish Date: November 28th 0030 US PST Restart Event: Off Restart Stage: Off Service Area: After every stage Vehicle Set up: After every stage Checkpoint: After every stage Use the single event options to create your own practice runs and set ups for the event.. Weather Forecast Rallye Deutschland (13th June to 11th July) Clear morning headed to a clear night on both days Acropolis Rally (11th July to 8th August) Clear afternoon headed to a clear night on both days Wales Rally GB (8th August to 5th September) Overcast morning headed to an overcast night on day 1 Rain in the morning clearing to overcast night on day 2 Rally Finland (5th September to 3rd October) Overcast morning headed to a clear night on both days Rallye Automobile Monte Carlo (3rd October to 31st October) Clear afternoon headed to a misty night on both days Rally Sweden (31st October to November 28th) Clear afternoon headed to a misty night on both days -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sign up Sign up via the in game RaceNet connections. 1. Go to the leagues option in game 2. select a vacant league slot 3. Use the drop down menu from the top left to select leagues (the popup web window takes you to the home page) 4. Select find a League 5. Search for "SHQM_Classic" 6. Hit "Request to Join" button 7. Drop a reply in this thread that you have requested to join Then as soon as I see the reply in this thread I'll hit the approve button, and you'll get the timer in game. You can also go to the Dirt Rally website directly to bypass the first 2 steps. Keep in mind you have to register for each individual SHQM league for each championship or event on RaceNet in order to compete in our different events and championships. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Car Selection The 2 era classes have been selected to give us a wide variety to choose from the Group B era, the RWD cars obviously have a disadvantage and will be scored in their own private championship. You can change cars between rounds, but you will only score for the RWD championship in rounds you drove a RWD car. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Entrants - Pumbaa666- Piotr*- Mudcat (BSS Mudcat)*- Weaponz248*- MCUSA (mcusarules)*- olly (r.phoebe)*- Chipwich*- adlabs6*- April Dillon (Lem)* - Jon_Uyan - Simmoniti - BrianB - rob17 (Roberto de Filippis) *Automatically entered if you have taken part in SHQM_Classic events in the past... -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Standings Up to date on RaceNet
  2. Will you install Forza 6?

    Stealing Skatezillas thread a bit.
  3. Ducati 90th Anniversary game

    Don't know how good it is, but I try them all... from Milestone, same makers of the RIDE game which is good, but not great. http://www.ducati.com/news/ducati_and_milestone_present_the_new_videogame__ducati___90th_anniversary_the_official_videogame_/2016/05/05/4134/index.do out today.
  4. Milestone has a questionable past when it comes to their games, IMO... but still, looks interesting... MotoGP, dirt tracks, and rally... http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/valentino-rossi-the-game-new-previews-releases-june.121131/