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Found 2 results

  1. Note: Dreampack 1 is required for this event. Event Details: Sunday, 10th Jan 2016 Classes: GT3 (Stock Content + Dreampack1) Track: Nordscheife (Nordschleife layout) Qualifying: 30 minutes (Starts 16:00 GMT) Race: 12 laps Start Procedure: Formation start (approx 120kph) Green flag at exit of Hocheichen corner (end of the the first twisty section before Quiddelbacher/Flugpatz section) Race restarts at the discretion of race control Server Settings & Passwords: Server Name: SimHQ Motorsports 1 Password for practice server: ring Password for race server :PM'd to registered drivers the day before the event or available via Teamspeak on raceday (If either of these methods is not suitable for you please contact me via PM and we'll work something out) Track : Green at start of practice, grip transferred between sessions Fuel : 100 Damage : 100 Tyre Wear : 100 ABS+TC : Factory Track Time : 4.00PM Weather : Mid Clear Base Temp : 19 Degrees Teamspeak info (Strongly recommended to monitor us on TS if you can): http://simhqmotorsports.com/race-comms/ Please also enable the in game chat app Available Vehicles: GT3: BMW Z4 GT3, SLS GT3, MP4 GT3, Nissan GTR-GT3 Please post your car selections in this thread Note, If you want to secure your vehicle i will need your AC Driver Name and Steam GUID (if i don't already have it) otherwise it will be first come first served on race day. Available Driver Slots (24 x GT3): GT3: 1. Darren Blythe - Nissan GTR #90 2. JMCardenas - Nissan GTR #95 3. Staniol - McLaren 4. Piotr - BMW Z4 GT3 #17 5. Taner - Nissan GTR #35 6. Bolsoncr - MP4 GT3 7. Gadir - McLaren #9 8. iToX - Z4 #20 9. Trokolo - Nissan GTR #92 10. Jon Uyan - - BMW Z4 #19 11. Ktel - Z4 GT3 #25 12. F19Cona - Z4 GT3 13. Brun - McLaren #69 14. James_Andrew - McLaren #22 15. CalSinl - BMW Z4 GT3 #125 16. Niissee - Mercedes SLS #121 17. Sonimala - BMW Z4 GT3 #097 18. Trole43 - McLaren #30 19. Z3r0Bu5t0r - Z4 GT3 #64 20. LazyCrust - McLaren #7 21. Magic43 - BMW Z4 22. oqvist - SLS #65 23. kenji69 - Nissan GTR 24. guod - event button pusher
  2. On Friday I was with my wife and two buddy's at the Nürburgring. I bought a race taxi ride with the queen of the Nordschleife (Sabine Schmitz) and a GT3 RS during preparation day of the VLN championship. It all started in the VIP lounge and clarifying the formalities. Then we went down to the box. For me, it was a premiere to be so close to the race cars. I was absolutely flashed. How can it be that you can simply walk through the pit lane and the boxes, where the mechanic just screw on the cars. Something I did not known so far. I was absolutely impressed with the cars, the sound, these smells. Photos and Videos And then I got a ride around the Nordschleife. Unfortunately, there was a problem with the sound, I had to edit the sound, otherwise you would not hear anything. Hotlap Youtube The GT3 RS has an amazing grip. These forces are simply indescribable. And that was the "small" Porsche with semi slicks. The engineer said the Racecar will have twice this forces. It was probably the most expensive and longest roller coaster ride of my life. A great experience.