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Found 3 results

  1. So... I might of already mentioned it here, I bought a 2017 Harley Davidson touring bike, and next year, 2018, I plan on touring America to every IMSA sport car race, when that time comes, will ask people in the know, the same questions... but as a test run, I was thinking of my first trip, (actually my second, first will be with the wife down to Key West in a month or two), anyway... I was thinking of either going to the F1 race in October, OR the WEC race in September. My question(s) for people in the know... What is the better event to go too? F1 or WEC What is the better time frame, weather wise, Sept or October, (probably not much difference on that). Where is the best seat? What area should I look to sit in. They have a 2 day ticket and a 1 day ticket for the WEC? What takes 2 days? My plan is to ride in, stay in a hotel outside of the track area for the night before, then go, after race ride back as much as possible. Suggestions/ideas? For other bike/tour owners/riders... this will be my first, a test run for next years fill IMSA season... any other recommendations or suggestions? Thx...
  2. This thread is to announce a new 24 slot US based 24/7 Formula One server for Assetto Corsa (PC) that will cover cars and tracks from the 1950's to 2010's. The server will rotate periodically thru the standard, DLC and mod cars of AC; running on the standard and modded tracks in AC. I will try to make the mods I use be easily available from common sites like Racedepartment.com. Currently, the server runs Minorating ABC. My goal will be to run enough laps to add the possibility of a pit stop for some strategists. I understand though that higher lap counts aren't popular; so I'll run quicker sprint races as well. Car and track combinations will include the list below. I am sure more combinations will come up as more mods and DLC come online. I have not successfully tested all combinations. For instance, the Williams FW31 hasn't worked for me yet. An example 1970's and 1980's-90's server is shown below with the cars available and likely tracks you'd encounter. Server Name: toolo4sno's 1970's Formula One [ABC] `O=o- *O=o- Cars: Lotus 72D, Ferrari 312T, McLaren M23 (OMV) Track: Brands Hatch, Catalunya, Imola, 1988 Grand Prix Track Pack (http://www.f1simgames.com), Monza, Mugello, Nordschleife, Nurburgring GP, Red Bull Ring, Silverstone, Spa, Zandvoort Server Name: toolo4sno's 1980-90's Formula One [ABC] `O=o- *O=o- Cars: Lotus 98T, Ferrari 643 (http://www.asrformula.com/), McLaren MP4/4 (http://mak-corp.com.au/) Track: Brands Hatch, Catalunya, Imola, 1988 Grand Prix Track Pack (http://www.f1simgames.com), Monza, Mugello, Nurburgring GP, Red Bull Ring, Silverstone, Spa, Zandvoort I am also gauging the interest for a Formula One racing series to run on weekends. This would likely be a 1970's and/or an 1980's-90's series.
  3. I did, and I'll be skipping qualy in the future unless they revert back to the previous format. "Formula 1" gets harder and harder to watch every year.