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  1. DX 11 and VR incoming

    thanks greg for information. this is good news for me. servus
  2. DX 11 and VR incoming

    hello, do i need this betaDX11 update for make the next 24h le mans race? i do not care so much in rf2 about grafic and i did read, that the plugin do not work anymore (trackmap i need informations, and cosimo gap app), and i do not trust this new update a little too (perhaps it make other problems too), so can i still drive with my actual build in DX9 the next race? or do i get a mismatch online? servus
  3. SCES EnduRacers - Event 4: Silverstone

    i hope i can make this race, i have to go to a "kinderfasching" (child carneval? is perhaps english name??) with my 3year old daughter, my plan is to be at home at 17.00 germany time and then ready for quali 10min. later, so i hope i am back in time. i will have not much practise for this race, but i know track and cars, only any beer i will already have did drinking when race start, haha, but this is not problem for me normaly. so finger cross that daughter is ready to go home in time. and i hope that grip do get more during practise and race as the server grip was not much, and with low grip i need always so much tyre wear. servus
  4. SCES EnduRacers - Event 4: Silverstone

    thanks doug, so i can test offline with same grip level then, if i set it to test team medium. good for me to test with a lot of other AI car, to know if grip level do grow with more cars and so for race too is higher, as i hope with higher grip the tyrewear will reduce a little, 90min. is always close to drive for me with 1 set of tyres. servus
  5. SCES EnduRacers - Event 4: Silverstone

    hello, i have a question. i know there are little mods. for a race for download (forgot name), is in this little mod. for this race, something in the grip changed, like a pre-set grip, or is it orginal grip = same griplevel, as i if i do drive offline in silverstone, without i had saved a grip before, or is there any pre-set grip level which the server do start. would be good to know for me what grip pre-set is in server, i will learn rf2 more to understand good, which is important in future, to know as much as possible. servus
  6. SCES EnduRacers - Signup / Registration

    Team Name: No team Driver Full Name: Reinhard Berger Forum Name: Reinhard Berger Class (GTC, GTE, LMP2) GTE Car Number: 62 Car Brand: F430 09ALMS Risi Competizione
  7. SCES EnduRacers - Event 4: Silverstone

    oki thanks for info, i see video, the normal raceending as it is in multiclass to calcualte any extra fuel for possible nearly 2 extra laps, this i know of how it work, with my limited english knowledge i was not sure what this is with raceending. servus
  8. SCES EnduRacers - Event 4: Silverstone

    hello, is it still possible to sign up? i see very much sign up already, so i am not sure, if it is full already? i think i can make nearly sure this silverstone race, but i am not so sure about the last race. is GMT germany or english time zone, never know this exactly??? if i am correct, that it is normal tyre wear and normal fuel setting, no multiplicator? so only only a short fuel pitstop in end of race for GT cars normaly then i think. enduracer mod. is good mod, only somehow a little not good steering i have if i move the wheel only a little bit, the feeling is not strong (haha, can not explain more good, but URD it feels beter if you move only a little ° in FFB). if there is still a slot? gridplace? free i do sign up later. i did read this.... Race finish determined by total laps completed, not partial / incremental laps. It is strongly suggested you change your player.JSON setting to "laps completed". can someone explain this in easy english words to me, what is different to other races with race finish? servus