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  1. F1, winter testing

    That Ferrari looks fast. I hope they're not leading us to disappointment.
  2. Indy 500

    SRC just announced their next special event: the Indy500. http://simracing.club/index.php?threads/indy-500-introduction.3510/ @Lonestar29 @Doug Atkinson Don, I remember you saying you like driving at Indy -- and Doug, I figure some of the guys at SCSR would be interested in this also? This is pretty neat, I just picked up stockcars -- I have no idea how IndyCars drive compared to them but I might give it a go.
  3. SCES EnduRacers - Event 4: Silverstone

    Been tight on time. Will try to make a decision on my car today. Didn't get a chance to drive them all. EDIT: Never mind. Wow. Those P2 cars feel terrible. I can't get a decent setup for them. I might leave this one alone.
  4. SCES EnduRacers - Event 4: Silverstone

    @Doug Atkinson Are we allowed to select car numbers from 'inactive' (here meaning people who have not attended a race thus far this season) drivers?
  5. SCES EnduRacers - Event 4: Silverstone

    How strict are the sign ups for this? I just looked at the date and it's the last day before I go back to University, and I'm keen for some more time in RF2, regardless of the car. EDIT: Disregard, I saw Reinhard's post and your answers. Will sign up tonight. One question; there's so many different P2's ... what's the difference?
  6. SRC 12 Hours of Bathurst

    I already signed up with a full team in GT4, maybe switch to GT3 we dont know. I would have loved to race with you but no one responded soon enough : / Sorry man.
  7. SRC 12 Hours of Bathurst

    http://simracing.club/index.php?threads/12-hours-of-bathurst-introduction.3246/#post-39051 Who wants to do this? My backyard... Christmas came early!
  8. Bathurst 12H

    That finish was absolutely pathetic by SVG. Really disappointed that Ingall put it in the wall, too. Would have liked to see Skaife contest for another Bathurst win. Great finish from Maranello, and Toni Vilander is just a monster. Consistently 2-3 seconds a lap faster than everyone else for his entire stint. Amazing.
  9. Bathurst 12H

    Been looking forward to this for a year. My home track. I hope Maranello Motorsport win, really excited to see this. The day begins in around four hours, there's an early practice session, a couple of qualifying sessions and then the top ten shootout -- famous for the V8 Supercars around here.
  10. 24h of Daytona

    The gentleman's rule is just an online take on redressing, and redressing an accident is indeed a real world thing. If possible by the driver, it can lower or nullify any potential penalty to be awarded. Any time you've ever heard of a driver being told to give the position back by his team to avoid an incident is a real life example of the gentleman's rule, and it's basically all just varied forms of redressing. Depends on the stewards though, I suppose.
  11. 24h of Daytona

    As accurate as that is, it's not like he made a mistake that took his life or anything. No one can say his driving killed him. That quote by Senna also is used a lot in error as justification for some silly moves, when he in fact was using it to defend an obviously illegal move. At the end of the day, deserving or not, what is, is.
  12. 24h of Daytona

    The spectator in me says no, absolutely not, it was a bit of a dive bomb and a pretty silly attempt at a pass. The racer in me thinks there was a space, he obviously had his car there, he came from a long way back but was 'alongside' and it was safe and then Albuquerque chopped across his nose on turn in. It was his own fault. Tough decision, but the move was fine from Taylor. These are prototypes we're talking about -- Albuquerque could have easily held his line and retained the position, there was no need to turn in and chop across his nose other than the fact that he didn't look in his mirrors.