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  1. What time/day do they race?
  2. Which version of Rouen are we going to use?
  3. Driver Full Name: Scott Clark Forum Name: S. Clark Class: P2 Car Number:26 Car Brand: 12LM Signatech Nissan Team Name: BoneHead Racing $30 Sent
  4. Thank you sir, I'm still getting used to how Steam works.
  5. How does one download these tracks from steam? There doesn't seem to be a "download" option.
  6. Looks good to me.
  7. Fuji (older version prior to the chicanes, but good either way) Watkins Glen MoSport Rouen Les Essarts (the 55-70 version is an absolute blast in the P2 cars) Laguna Seca or Mid-Ohio (either is fine with me) I'm good with the donation part. Would like to ask though can we reset the car selection to eliminate the people who never showed up in the prior season to free up some of the cars? If not, no big deal.
  8. So is there any chance of this series continuing?
  9. Awesome stuff Troy, my son and I enjoyed every minute of your video and commentation.
  10. Maybe just me, but the wet tires didn't seem to be much better than the slicks in the rain, almost worse.
  11. Never mind guys I figured it out. I was looking in my original RF2 install not the one from Steam. Once I found the config file in the steam download of RF2 I found the "workaroundflag" line. Thanks, sorry still getting used to how things work through Steam.
  12. I'm not getting it Doug. I removed every single JSON file I could find, restarted RF2 Steam and all my settings are exactly the same as if no information had been removed. What is the exact path I need to take, because going through Documents/Rfactor2/UserData and removing the JSON files from there isn't doing anything.
  13. No Doug I didn't do that. I never heard of doing that before, I'll give it a shot and see what happens. Thanks.
  14. In the NVIDIA fix above, I don't have a "WorkaroundFlags" line in my config.ini. Am I looking in the wrong place or something?
  15. Yeah, that's where I'm looking. I usually have shadows turned off though, maybe that's why?