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  1. Thrustmaster Ferrari Red Legend Programmable??

    ok I found out this wheel is NOT FULLY Programmable ONLY in game.. I wish companies would understand what these words they use to describe their products mean Fully does not mean only ingame programmable..sucks and a waste of 70bucks
  2. Hey Guys, First post here and I was planning ion playing Nascar 2003 with some friends online and I need to get a few F Keys programmed.. The wheel says it is fully programmable but I do not see any software to program it with.. I had the FFB Driver on the Threusmaster site but that is it.. I was wondering if this wheel is really fully programmable or do they mean ingame programmable?? I would appreciate if there is a older program that they can share it with me or how to program this wheel?? I am on Windows 7 64bit and all other works ingame I just don't know how to program the wheels 12 buttons??