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  1. Are there any DRS points on this track? none of the KERS/DRS seems to be available going by the on screen widgets. re: change of car, are you thinking of this?
  2. If you can see the gears move without touching the paddles, doesn't that indicate you have an 'auto' box for those two cars?
  3. I was doing these because I know I'm on the slow side, but didn't realise I was so slow. Wish I was struggling @NimRud, and only down 5 secs and I'm not using stock setup.
  4. That's good, it will take me that long to get a valid lap in.
  5. Ah! I thought you meant there was already something existing at RSR. Now I understand.
  6. I had another go and am very happy to get into the 1:37s. @Piotr I had a look at RSR but couldn't find any way to view something like our hotlapping results. All I could see was all the standard timing groups as always been.
  7. Just curious but is there any way to see the leaderboard out side of and separately to the game? i.e. something similar to LiveRacers but for A.C. hotlapping.