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  1. Hey Guys, Doug has kindly let me promote AMS events here so the idea I had to have inter-club races, inspired by watching the Goodwood Members Event this year, has begun to grow. Basically the idea is to assemble a small team to race for their race clu' from the regulars racing under the facilities of a forum just like SimHQMotorsports here, i.e. the race club. There will be a series points table for the participating clubs (this is not an individual driver based system), so points would be awarded on the basis of the top say 4 from each club team scoring points. There will be a number of events over a few weeks for the overall competition to decide a winner (as in Forum/Race Club). So far I spoke to the admin at REVS and he contacted another admin at PRC (another forum based club of racers) and we have tentatively begun to make arrangements for the first event next month. This has been earmarked to start 11th May (this first event will be run on thursday nights, race time around 9pm BST) and will run weekly for 5 weeks. Apart from those two stipulations nothing is written in stone just yet as the details get sorted out. So is there anyone here who would be interested in the first of this series or even any future ones and getting a club team together? I think for this first event, it has been decided to allow points for the top 3 drivers of each team, so a minimum of 3 team members would be needed in order to score maximum possible points for their race club.
  2. Are there any DRS points on this track? none of the KERS/DRS seems to be available going by the on screen widgets. re: change of car, are you thinking of this?
  3. Hey @Mudcat any chance of an update? You've had a good 3 months now since your first report, hopefully you'll have a more thorough experience to recount.
  4. If you can see the gears move without touching the paddles, doesn't that indicate you have an 'auto' box for those two cars?
  5. What about the Lotus Exos 125 Stage 1? from the official description and this is standard content, not a mod.
  6. I make that 14 entrants so far a lot less than original series so is there a chance this might turn into a single class series after all? Personally I will not be choosing a GT3 again but I'm more than happy to change to the P2s.
  7. Hey nhill40, same here. I so know the taste of that pill too.It reminds me of when you get a bit of sick in your mouth.
  8. This is such a shame, could have been a really fun series. Just to let you all know, there is still interest in A.C. At REVS a couple of weeks back we had 18 turn up for our Weds night A.C. club race, two classes at Spa and only 7 of them were regular members. We have another multi-class race this Weds night if you're interested using the recently updated (and free) mod from IER. (The DNFs shown in the results were due to ptracker/stracker not yet supporting timed races), yes we had a timed race in A.C. But about the problem of commitment to racing, I really don't know. It seems to be worsening. though I hope I'm mistaken. The best chance seems to be with groups who socialise as well as race together (on-line of course) like here and at REVS. Its a pity we can't get admins together to arrange some inter-club competitions. a single event, or multi-race event of some kind or even a number of events like over a full weekend or even shortish championships (a race every two weeks) between two or even more clubs to help bump numbers.
  9. I can report for me that the skin selection does indeed work. And very good it looks too
  10. Very nice Doug very nice indeed. I confirm too.
  11. Fuji - yes Mid Ohio yes Watkins Glen yes yes yes Rouen yes yes Monza yes those would be my choices.
  12. not_him_59 Car #14 (from Supercup Skinpack) Where do I find that?
  13. To be fair to the mod, I complained about the GT cars and failed to find any car that I could get a good feeling with. That is not the case with the P2 models which I do find really nice to drive and to work on a setup so I can see why George praises it so, because IMO he is correct, but only about the LMP2 cars. I would really like to attend this race if it takes place and have already chosen a P2 to race with this time and with the setup I developed for it last year it really is lovely to drive.