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  1. If I remember correctly I used stock setups with softest tyres. Also don't forget DRS.
  2. The formula hybrid is an amazing mod and I definitely think it's worth it if you like open wheelers. But I agree on not using paid mods. I'd say try the Renault R24. anything from VRC like the FW37 or FW31. ASR also has some great F1 mods but I believe these are paid as well.
  3. Driver Full Name: Brian van Beusekom Forum Name: BrianB Class: P2 Car Number: #36 Car Description: 15LM Signatech Alpine #36 Team Name: Horizon Motorsports Will do the contribution immediately after posting this. Done
  4. Thats fine, anything from 7pm (Netherlands) onward works for me. As long as it's fine for everyone else too. For the tracks, Bahrain, MoSport, Sebring, Mid Ohio and Watkins glen are tracks I would like to see.
  5. If the race times are the same as the first series, it will be too early for me unfortunately. If every race starts at the time the last race would have (so 18:00 GMT or later) then I will be able to drive and I will be there every race.
  6. The #62 car is having some bad luck. Every stint has had a crash with damage that had to be repaired and I even had my game crash twice now which has cost us a lot of time. But were still in a close fight with the car in last so even for us it's still an exciting race.
  7. A maybe from me as I'm only able to drive Saturdays. Driver: Brian van Beusekom Class: GTE Car: TBD
  8. Sorry guys, looks like I won't be able to join.
  9. I will try to join but college is taking up most of my time right now. So if I make it, it wil probably be with barely any practice. And when I join it might be at the end of quali or during warmup because I don't know if I can be there before quali starts.
  10. Congrats to the winners! Thanks to everyone that made this possible. This was my first proper series in rF2 and I enjoyed it. See you next season!
  11. Jules had a really good start, and on my first stint me and david were at the same speed, with a 10 sec gap between us. But unfortunately I got a drive through for speeding in the pits when I exited the pits after my stop, which is the reason you came out in front after the pitstops. If that didn't happen we could have had a really close battle because it looked like we also had the same speed. Anyway, congrats on another GT win and of course thanks again to everyone that was there
  12. From the Netherlands
  13. First of all,I want to say sorry to Angelo because I feel like the crash between us was my fault. The suspension of the car was damaged from a crash I had earlier, so it was really hard to keep the car straight. During braking the car started moving and I think I hit you when that happend, resulting in us both crashing. In general, my stint was a bit messy. I didn't do a lot of practice, and because of that I made a lot of mistakes. Especially in the first half of my stint. The only reason I got some positions back was because others crashed as well. But still,I'm happy with 2nd. Congrats to Angelo for going on to win the race after we crashed, congrats the the winners in prototype, and of course thanks everyone that was here.
  14. My stint started pretty good. I was slowly gaining on the car in front and it looked like I was going to be able to fight for podium positions. But sadly about 30 minutes into my stint I went wide out of turn 1 and crashed pretty hard. My suspension was damaged and I had to drive back to the pits really slowly. Repairing the damage took more than 2 minutes which put me a lap behind all other GT cars. After that I started pushing really hard again, and I was able to unlap myself from two GT cars. But I kept making small mistakes like missing a braking point so I was never able to catch up again. Eventually I ended up finishing about 10 seconds behind the car in front. Which I think is pretty good after being about 1.5 laps behind with an hour to go. So if I made less mistakes I probably could have gained some positions. Congrats to the winners
  15. If you go into the mas utility, in the top bar there is an options button. If you press that you will see 'use file compression' and from there you can choose the level.