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  1. So, I bought a rift and when it got delivered I immediately tried it with this combo, and I'm amazed by the experience. I never really liked F1 cars, mostly because they are too fast for me, but also because for me visibility was an issue on screens. However with the rift it's completely different and I really enjoy driving these cars now, even though I'm still really slow in them
  2. If I remember correctly I used stock setups with softest tyres. Also don't forget DRS.
  3. The formula hybrid is an amazing mod and I definitely think it's worth it if you like open wheelers. But I agree on not using paid mods. I'd say try the Renault R24. anything from VRC like the FW37 or FW31. ASR also has some great F1 mods but I believe these are paid as well.
  4. yeah I'm gonna need the cheat you guys are using But seriously, right now I'm at 1:50 and I know I can get to 1:48, but I seriously don't understand how under 1:45 is possible. Maybe I need to practice more and get used to the car more, but right now I don't see me going much faster.
  5. Hi guys, another new driver here My steam is in my signature, so add me if you want. This is what I got so far: