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  1. Don't fully understand the wind thing yet (always 0kph in singleplayer?) I wish we get had gusts upsetting the car, but I have not experienced anything like this yet. Meanwhile, I love the MC12 GT1:
  2. As agreed, i'll use the hardest compound available and a full tank. I did some low fuel softest compound running, and im about 5 seconds slower with the hard tire and full tank
  3. Don't let it daunt you, its my old time. Not sure whether its faster or slower, the old tire model. Just for the sake of the commuinty, I won't do SYTYF anymore after this edition Edit; F1 hotlap challenge with a GT3?
  4. Track's quite slippery, probably I would go faster if I use tc, but driving without for now.
  5. My apologies for only showing up to 1 race, but when I signed up to the series I had a different working schedule, before the change I was able to run all events but this changed. Due that I need money to support my karting campaign I put work over league racing. My schedule still remains the same thus meaning I can't race anymore, and again apologie, just very busy times for me to have school, work and karting. I wished I could get back in league racing since I really miss it and this one time I did race I had an really great experience and again I wish I could get back into simracing to improve as an driver. Sorry if I made some mistakes writing this, wrote it quickly and I'm not the best at English
  6. I really really like the F1 SYTYF idea, since im a huge fan of F1 and open wheelers! Bring it on.
  7. Well.... Since there is a new update, why not do the Highlands short, since thats the only track that has got walls close to the track... I guess it will bring up some frustration! hehe, as for the car, maybe the xbow?
  8. Was looking forward to race on Le Mans, but work is preventing me to participate
  9. Atm at '6:25, w/ 27C degrees. Could go maybe 24s/23s with lower temps and some more setup changes
  10. Done my first timed lap, '6:26 with complete default setup, including fuel at 30L.
  11. Haven't done a SYTYF for a while, lets see if I can get a lap in
  12. No problem, I got suprised too, it happens Well, that was my first ever rFactor 2 race! I came so unprepared, I forgot it was raceday today. So no practice on a track that I barely know, on a game I never really played before, in a 90 minute race... what could possibly go wrong Im fairly suprised with the result I got, to say the least. I prepared for the worst, to end last. I am new to rFactor 2 and I did not have any practice for this race, so to qualify third without managing a clean lap was a surpise. I didnt even know how to turn on the virtual mirror untill Jon helped me out . I could keep pace with second place, but he got a penalty for some reason so I moved up to second place. Scalet was pressurizing me all the time, but I managed to avoid any mistakes untill the last part of the race, so I kept second. Because I had no practice I was overloaded by quite a bit, as I dont even know how the pit system works >.< In the race I noticed I had way too much fuel, but I have no idea how to change the amount of fuel you want to refill. Somehow in all this chaos I ended up in P2. My first race couldnt start much better, really thought I was gonna end up last in the LMP2 class. Thanks for the race guys
  13. I really love AC, have alot of hours in it, but recently started to play rFactor 2. First I did not like rF2 at all with the FFB, but I tried some cars and it actually felt really good. In AC I always have this understeer (overdriving? not sure, doesnt feel like it) and I dont know whether my wheel is set up wrong or this is how AC works... I still love the game but slowly im getting more towards rF2, especially with the Endurance mod we're driving. I seem to get just that little extra out of the car in rF2 compared to AC. Perfect example for this is the Porsche Carrera.. the tires just keep sqeeuling and understeering! This is what I like more about rF2, the feel of the car. I have to agree the low/medium pace feels really good in AC.