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  1. It looks really weird, the track, but is incredibely fun to drive for some reason. When I first saw Baku I thought, what is this boring streetcircuit, but now im driving it (without elevation, really putting me off) I really enjoy it. Would be even more fun with elevation! The exos is as great as ever
  2. As agreed, i'll use the hardest compound available and a full tank. I did some low fuel softest compound running, and im about 5 seconds slower with the hard tire and full tank
  3. Don't let it daunt you, its my old time. Not sure whether its faster or slower, the old tire model. Just for the sake of the commuinty, I won't do SYTYF anymore after this edition Edit; F1 hotlap challenge with a GT3?
  4. Track's quite slippery, probably I would go faster if I use tc, but driving without for now.
  5. I really really like the F1 SYTYF idea, since im a huge fan of F1 and open wheelers! Bring it on.
  6. Well.... Since there is a new update, why not do the Highlands short, since thats the only track that has got walls close to the track... I guess it will bring up some frustration! hehe, as for the car, maybe the xbow?
  7. Atm at '6:25, w/ 27C degrees. Could go maybe 24s/23s with lower temps and some more setup changes
  8. Done my first timed lap, '6:26 with complete default setup, including fuel at 30L.
  9. Haven't done a SYTYF for a while, lets see if I can get a lap in
  10. Haha I was thinking about uploading a replay! I just closed AC, I improved about 1,1 second but there isnt really much more in there with the current setup im driving. If I get the chance I will upload replay.
  11. Im fine with a ballast, but I dont think you can do that in Singleplayer. I can drive on the hards, but not possible with every car and it wont make me much slower, maybe 1.5 secs But thats why I usually nominate other people to choose a pick.
  12. Track-wise I'd like to pick Donington, for the car im not quite sure. Either the McLaren F1 GTR or the Ferrari SF15-T. I'll let @Darren_Blythe choose between those 2 :). Track link: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/donington-park.3031/