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  1. We ran that track for the league I'm in and I really liked it. Wasn't sure about the Exos but I liked it too. There was more time to be made but it was late and was making too many mistakes. With enough practice and a good setup you could be in the 16s I think. Not a big fan of F1 tracks really so that's why I haven't been around much. But I may join in on some in the future.
  2. Was slightly preoccupied by a certain track project this weekend so wasn't able to put much time into this. The little time I did get I really didn't like the car much. It doesn't really fit my driving style and found it a bit too unstable and was unable to tune it out. In either case I don't think i would have ever got down to the 1:35s.
  3. I've always liked Zandvoort. Hope to have some time this weekend to give it a go!
  4. Apparently I would have had the RSR record for this combo if I had opened the app. Oh well.
  5. Nah you guys just did Spa with the Ferrari. This is going to sound extremely selfish but I was thinking when I was doing the hot laps last night that I would love to run the 787B @ Riverside Long. If you think that might be too much then you can switch the car to the McLaren F1 GTR.
  6. Hahah DOH! Just realized what I typed. I was thinking of pole position..... yeah that's it... i swear...
  7. Damn I don't know If I can find that much time. Great lap Jon!!
  8. Gave it a good run tonight. We will see who comes out on top in the morning I guess. There is some more time out there I think but I was getting tired and making stupid mistakes.
  9. Yeah I might just to see what he says. If I had done that last night it wouldn't have been the most productive and I felt it was semi harmless to vent here. Just had a rough day yesterday and that was enough to send me over the edge. I've calmed down now so I'll drop him a line. Depending on how he responds depends if I run more laps or not.
  10. Was going to keep quiet about my feelings of this unoptimized pile of a track but it pissed me right off when I saw one of my textures on this track. It's a stupid little texture that took me all of 5 minutes to make but that is not the point. He wasn't even smart enough to figure out how to make the road sand (my texture) disappear as the track rubbers up. He also has kunos assets all over this thing such as the paddock vehicles. Can't wait until the official Red Bull ring so I never have to hear about this ripped pile of a track ever again. I was making decent headway on lap times until I realized what I saw and gave up. On a final note many people know I am very open with my stuff and all it would have taken was a quick PM to ask if he could use it. Anyway sorry I just had to vent. Sorry if I broke any rules.
  11. *cough* VIR *cough* benholt or piotr can give it a go since they both got in the 13s
  12. After spending all day helping my cousin put in a new flywheel and clutch on his race car, I finally got some laps in. Yet again there is more time to be made but this is the most complete lap I could assemble. The last section before the final chicane got a bit messy. http://www.mediafire.com/download/iqid8blmyex54di/1_12_820_190evo_donington.zip I zipped it up so just unzip to your replay folder. The second lap is the good one. I tried for a 3rd but screwed it up in T1.