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  1. Assetta Corso vs. Project Cars

    Thanks for the tip. I have both PC and Xbox One versions, but right now, I'm only playing the Xbox One version of both AC and PCars. I have a 28-inch 4K monitor for my PC, but the Xbox One version links to my 37 inch HD TV, which looks just as these two games look on the 4K computer monitor. I think the reason is I have turn off some graphics options on the PC that I don't have to turn off on the Xbox. I also like the bigger screen. I use a Logitech 920 wheel and pedal set for both PC and Xbox versions. With the same controller, I haven't noticed a difference in the physics of the cars in either game, PC or Xbox version. I can't tell them apart in terms of handling. I will definitely install Content Manager, the next time a boot up the PC version of AC. I just love the camera driving views and weather depiction in PCars. It's so much better than AC, and the external graphics of the two sims are the same quality--on the Xbox One--to me.
  2. Assetta Corso vs. Project Cars

    Okay, well some time has passed since my original post. Here is the conclusion I've come to as a "non-expert" sim racer: Graphics: Even Physics: Advantage to AC. I can drift real cool with the emergency brake or spin 360 if I lean too hard on it--feels a bit more realistic. Damage model is better. FFB is slightly better. The Racing Experience: Project Cars by a mile. I can tweak the competition much better to be competitive. You can increase/decrease opponents skill level in 1% increments until you hit the sweet spot (I don't do multiplayer). AC has very easy, easy, medium, hard, etc. (I don't notice much difference between the bottom three). More driving views with PCars. A lot more. Love the helmet cam. Love the wet weather option. PCars is just really exciting in this way. Long-term Playability: Project Cars again by a mile. A lot more variety of cars and tracks, with or without DLC. Most AC tracks I've seen before in many older sims (Monza, Spa, etc.) and have grown tired of them. PCars stable of mounts are not only more numerous, they are more interesting to me.
  3. Assesta Corsa setup issue on XB1...

    When I first tired AC on the Xbox 1, I used a gamepad. It was uncontrollable. There is no way to fix it without a wheel. It drives fantastic with a Logi 920. That said, I prefer Project Cars on Xbox 1 anyway. Played 'em both again today. AC is good on the XBox 1, but not as good as Project Cars. AC doesn't even have wet weather and the number of tracks is pretty small. Project Cars also has a racing view from inside your helmet. The one thing AC does a bit better is with cars that are equipped with turbochargers, you can actually hear the turbo spool up in AC. Project Cars doesn't model the spooling of a turbocharger. In terms of realistic driving physics, I think they are about the same. But a wheel is the best way to go about it, especially for AC.
  4. HEAT Evolution review by PRC

    Racing on the Xbox One is better with any game or sim if you use a good wheel and pedal setup. I've never been a console gamer. I got my first Xbox in October. A birthday present from the wife. I tried racing games with the gamepad. They were horrible until I went out and got a Logitech 920 and Wheelstand Pro. I use this setup for both PC and Xbox One. EVOLUTION is not terrible now. It's much better than with a gamepad.
  5. Assetta Corso vs. Project Cars

    I've been away too long. So RF2 was finally completed? Last time I checked people were still playing a beta version.
  6. NASCAR Heat 2016

    I have this game for the Xbox One. It isn't NASCAR Racing 2003 Season that's for sure, but I was surprised that it is actually somewhat interesting and fun. You can use a gamepad, but I don't understand why anyone would use a gamepad instead of a wheel and pedal setup. I'm using a Logitech 920 mounted to a Wheelstand Pro. It works with both Xbox One and PC. Ignore the specs in my signature. I haven't posted here in years and have gone through two more PC setups since that one. Now that I'm back, I'm having trouble figuring out how to update my signature. Going into "Profile" doesn't seem to be the way.
  7. How do I change my signature info? My PC specs are several years out of date. But when I go into Profile, there does not appear to be a way to update my signature information on my hardware. No longer needed. I found a post that explained how to do it. Thanks.
  8. Assesta Corsa setup issue on XB1...

    I had the PC version of this one and Project Cars first and ran both in 4K with my ACER Nvidia G-Sync monitor. But then I received an Xbox One for my B-day and decided to try both on the Xbox One. AC and PC were both horrible with a gamepad. AC was the worst of the two. So I decided to go get a Logitech 920 and Wheel Stand PRo. Well, I find AC to be a completely different experience with a 920 and Wheel Stand Pro. In fact, I like AC BETTER on the Xbox One with these peripherals than the same peripherals hooked to my PC. Project Cars is about the same on both systems. Get a Logi 920 since you can use it with both PC and Xbox One. Wheel Stand Pro helps immensely. It is much better than hooking your wheel to a desktop.
  9. Assetta Corso vs. Project Cars

    I've been away from gaming for what seems like a year. Wow, okay four years from this racing site. Just tried Assetta Corso and Project Cars and wondering how others compare the two. Visuals in both are awesome at 4k, but I find Project Cars a bit more fun. What do others think? Also, how do I edit my signature on this site? All my hardware info shown is very old and gone. I guess that's how long I've been gone.
  10. Still Waiting

    That is disappointing. I am not one for playing a beta. I would prefer not to play at all than play a beta for years, literally years, while hoping for the real thing. That is wh:at the flight sim COD was--a beta. It never got fixed. I stayed away from it too. I'm just not that desperate, I guess. But this is not good news. I won't pay for a beta that is two years old. That is ridiculous.
  11. Still Waiting

    I've been waiting a couple of years to play rFactor 2. Is it out yet? If not, what is the delay?
  12. Where's the Real Rfactor 2?

    It's like two years overdue. How many years will they stay in beta?
  13. rFactor 2 - Event 1: F3 at Mills (12 February)

    Uh...doesn't RF2 have to be released first? I'm just saying.
  14. F1 2011 is GOLD

  15. Controller for racing games

    I think if you have Race On, you have Race07, GTR Evo and Race On, which also comes with STCC, doesn't it?