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  1. This is a very under-rated sim

    Agreed. I think the microtransaction/"everything is a DLC pack" business model really hurts its appeal to the more casual members of the sim racing community. I also think that the sound and graphics are quite good and combined with mr_belowski's Crew Chief V4, R3E really is a top-notch sim. As much as the rF2 fanboys will continue to ding it for a lack of night time racing or weather, I don't think it really detracts from the sim to have these things missing. The main things that I truly want are a full flag system and manually controlled pit entry/stops. I'm glad you've joined the ranks for R3E players, it's a fun sim!
  2. Automobilista Screenshots + Videos Thread

    The EEC mod is nice and very well-designed and self-contained, making for easy install and removal. The ADAC 2012 and 2015 skin packs are great and the CIGT 2016 skin pack is nice too. It's too bad that the content is all ripped from other sims without permission, and while I don't support or condone such actions, the mod is too good not to play.
  3. Automobilista Improvements

    Just to clarify, what you're seeing here isn't Crew Chief or a separate program or plugin. There are no mods being used. This is directly compiled into Automobilista. There is nothing shared here with any other project, the code, algorithms, and audio files are all part of Automobilista and belong to Reiza. Unless ISI and Kunos suddenly gave me direct access to their source code, there is no way to port this over to rF2 or AC. All of this lives inside of AMS.exe now. It's not related to Crew Chief at all.
  4. Automobilista Improvements

    In case you were wondering why I've been MIA/silent for the past little while, I've been working on this: All of the programming is done by me and integrated directly into the Automobilista engine. Voice acting is provided by Lincoln Hubbard with the audio work being done by Jeff and Ben Macedone. This will deploy soon in the Beta branch. Comments, feedback, and feature requests are welcome.
  5. Automobilista Screenshots + Videos Thread

    EEC 1.2 @ Taruma
  6. Assetto Corsa 1.7 released + Red pack

    The Maserati GT4 is a blast!
  7. Automobilista Screenshots + Videos Thread

    Things getting a little dicey with CART Extreme @ Suzuka
  8. Totally agree, the Montana is great fun even if it's not going to be my absolute favorite, I can see hopping in and going for a race or two every now and again. Mendig has a lot of potential if they flesh it out with the surrounding town and roads. Unfortunately I haven't had too much time to just sit down and play since most of my in-game time lately has been testing edge case scenarios for Crew Chief (which, by the way, if you haven't tried it yet, you're missing out) but I think things are more or less stable at this point. The new cut track stuff is totally broken but could be great once it's sorted out. The Virtual Experience leaderboards are cool and I'm excited to see that develop as well.
  9. Crew Chief V4 for Automobilista released!

    v4.3.0.3 is out now and supports the new Time Trial Mode too. It won't be able to tell when the lap is deleted due to cutting the track, but once Reiza add that to the telemetry info, I can roll that support into the app. Please try it out and let me know what you think, this latest version should be "feature complete" in that it implements all features available that the sim currently supports.
  10. Crew Chief V4 for Automobilista released!

    v4.3.0.1 is up now, adding support for Formula Truck and Copa Petrobras de Marcas on top of Stock Car Extreme and Automobilista. This release should be quite usable as-is while mr_belowski and I figure out some of the rest of the issues. On a side note, it looks like Race Department really don't like us for whatever random reason, so half of the discussion for this is happening on the Reiza forums, and the other half is on the Sector 3 forums, lol.
  11. Kunos announces official Porsche License!

    Great, now I'm pretty much going to *have to* buy AC... guys, I need help, this sim racing addiction is making me poor!
  12. (Sorry to cross-post, but I know not everyone watches the Automobilista threads) I've been working with mr_belowski to port his Crew Chief app to Automobilista, but I've built the support to be generic so it should work with rFactor 1. Check it out here: http://forum.reizastudios.com/threads/crew-chief-v4-spotter-for-automobilista.1094/ I'll eventually port it to rFactor 2 once things are stable on the rF1/AMS support, but it less urgent rF2 spotter is fairly stable and developed at this point.