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  1. Someone please explain how I'm supposed to do this, because I'm thinking I'm doing this wrong.
  2. I absolutely love my Mazda3. Responsive, nimble, and has grunt that most little cars don't have.
  3. Pretty much. It's why I don't play GT6 any longer, especially online. No penalties for bad driving = bad driving. The GT crowd will be the first to sniff indignantly, "this is a DRIVING simulator, not a CRASHING simulator".
  4. To me, GRID Autosport felt exactly like ToCA. I wasn't terribly impressed (Project CARS physics felt more like being behind the wheel than Autosport did), so I swapped it for something else I can't remember.
  5. No damage model = no real reason to play.
  6. I'm kind of working my way through pCARS for the moment. I got started in motorsports gaming with the SimBin titles. For a guy who just kind of drives along without wanting the bleeding-edge realism, how scalable is AC? I'm not looking for NFS simplicity, but I'm not wanting something I that uses realism like family-size Fun Eraser (I'm looking at you, DCS World...) How 'bout it?
  7. Thanks, guys. Figured for $30 on Steam, I literally cannot go wrong.
  8. Blind in one eye. VR gives me a migraine like you would not believe.
  9. Thanks, Macedk. That worked perfectly. pCARS is now driveable for me.
  10. The Toyota 86 is my dream machine. My dreams are small.
  11. Wow. This is why I game offline.
  12. Watched it with my kids. It's a fantastic show.
  13. Interesting you bring this up. Last night (and I literally mean last night) I purchased a 2014 Mazda3 hatchback. Manual transmission (which I love) and a new payment (which I hate). In all seriousness, it is a 'fun' car to drive and I was under similar constraints. It had to be able to haul my wife and two children around comfortably. If you don't have kids, you can have whatever coupe you want. For me, mine had to have four doors. I looked at a Focus. My word, that back seat may as well not even be there. I know it has four doors, but the back two essentially open up into a shoebox. The 3 is much more spacious. The gearbox is tight, the clutch is facile, and the steering is immediate. I'm used to an F-150 or a Kia Sportage, you turn the wheel and it kind of ambles in that direction. If I blink my eyes in the 3, I'm already in another lane. I wanted to go at least a year without a car payment, but thanks to my daughter and son-in-law's track record with cars, I'm having to give them the Sportage (my commuter vehicle). I'm not happy about a new car, but I like what I've bought very much. I would maybe check out a Hyundai Veloster. I test drove one and that thing is just so nimble and fun to drive.
  14. I'm currently running a G27 because it is compatible with my PC and PS3 (yes, I still play with GT6). However, I'm noticing the Logitech drivers and software are getting a bit...outdated. The wheel works fine, but I'm curious if the G29 represents a large enough leap to sell my old G27 and buy one. Any feedback from people who've run both and made the jump would be appreciated. I'm more curious about PC functionality than I am about anything PlayStation-related.
  15. Thanks. That helps a great deal, because my impression of the G29 was that it really wasn't a significant step upward, I just needed an outside opinion before I made a decision. That helps. I suppose until Windows says my software isn't compatible or the G27 breaks, I'll just keep it and save some money.
  16. Yep. But, I'm hoping they wouldn't mess with the gameplay much.
  17. Totally down with GT3 as long as it's on PC.
  18. Yes. It asks me to turn it all the way one direction and then the opposite way to 90 degrees. Now, is that 90 degrees from that stopping point? Or is it when the little degree marker says I've turned 90 degrees from dead center?
  19. Joey from Friends?
  20. Unbelievably happy about this.
  21. Hey, guys. You might know me as 'pfunkmusik' over at that "other site". I tried to use my old creds over here and nothing worked, so here I am. Anyway, I just got a new Alienware Alpha with an i7 in it, runs like a scalded cat. Looking for a newer sim, something similar to Gran Turismo 6 on the PS3, but for the PC. I've seen Project CARS and was wondering about it. I know I'll probably get Dirt Rally here pretty soon. Any suggestions would appreciated.
  22. Wow, this place is as hospitable and friendly as I heard it was. You don't register for too many forums and have someone offer you a coupon for a free game in the same day.
  23. Panther, you are so kind, but I think iRacing might be more realism than I'm prepared for! In all seriousness, I tried out a few cars in RaceRoom, and it just doesn't have the same punch that GT Legends and GTR2 did, RR just feels empty. So, I think I'm going to try PCARS. I think the thing that sealed it for me was the point to point tracks and street legal sports cars.
  24. Again, I do appreciate all of the help. I think I may invest in a couple of the cheaper cars in RaceRoom, and if that doesn't get it done, I will look into either AC or pCARS