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  1. Hi Due to serius back pain for a long period and its not over yet. Have not been able to do any sim race or practise at all. I will have to drop out as much as I hate to do so I´m sorry guys.
  2. Looking forward to all new things in Sim racing for 2017 :-) No matter what sim it is. About you´r experience in IRacing I had the same, I thought that was where the seroius stuff was going on! Took a two year licens What aaa waist that was!!!
  3. Tjoho Grattis Grabbar !! Yepiie Congratulations Guys !!
  4. These looks awesome !! Good work !! Keep em coming
  5. Hi Any one know how to change petrol amount when you go for pit? I can highlight "green" to have a refil but there is arrows for less and more, but I dont know how to make them work. Maybe its some set up thing ? to bind a/some button for that to?
  6. Hi A huge thank you to all admins for making this race possible. To all participants for a good clean race impressive ! Sorry to see so many retire ;-( Hope too see more off this !!
  7. New nr Mistral nr 7 See you all Sunday
  8. Hi Ops sorry I took the same nr as Couite just saw. I come back with a new nr.
  9. Hi Name: Björn Johansson Car Class: P2 Car : Mistral M531# DHL
  10. Hi I would like to join this race Car/class tba
  11. Hi I go for anything, think I have the must cars and tracks Aquila is fun, and Dtm 2015 or GTR "not try´d those yet" but there´s always the first time ;-)
  12. Anything going this week?
  13. Seems lke a hell lot off work is done here! Great work!
  14. I will for sure join you as much as I can See you on track :-) Any TS server ?